Bath and Body Works Strawberry Picnic Wallflower Review

As you all know, I love Wallflowers. Absolutely love them. This summer, there are so many nice ones, but one of my favorites is Strawberry Picnic (which I purchased with my own money).

 photo IMG_2050_zps1aa85e8e.jpg

According to the Bath and Body Works website, the notes in this are “ripe summer strawberries,” “wild raspberries,” and “sweet buttercream.” Honestly, this smells so good. If you’ve ever smelled Yankee Candle’s Strawberry Buttercream, it is very similar, almost identical. I think that Strawberry Picnic has more of a strawberry scent to it than Strawberry Buttercream, which is more sweet.

Anyway, when this was first plugged in, it was so strong…. too strong. I’m not sure why it was like that, but it definitely fixed itself. By the second day, it was perfect. Strong enough to smell but not so overpowering that you couldn’t think about anything except the smell.

Overall, this is probably the best wallflower that has come out this summer (at least in terms of scent). I ended up purchasing two, and my mom bought two, as well. I’m hoping that they’ll be on sale during the semi-annual sale, which started in-stores today! I’ll be stocking up, no doubt…. even though I have more wallflowers than time to use them. Oops! 😛

Have you tried the Bath and Body Works wallflowers? What’s your favorite one for the summer?

My mom and I purchased these with our own money. All opinions are my own. I’m not being paid for this post. The link is not an affiliate link.

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