FleurdeForce Eyeshadow in Cosmic Bronze Review

Hey all! This is new, deciding to post my third post on a Saturday! Anyway, last week I wrote about FleurdeForce’s lip gloss release that I really loved, and today we’re talking about the eyeshadow. I opted for the more brown-toned quad over the pink/purple tones. Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

 photo IMG_2839_zps2nfpzloo.jpg

The colors in this quad are absolutely beautiful. My favorite is the shade on the lower-left, the shimmery bronze. I love this color all over my lids and even through the crease. It’s a beautiful shade that I’ll use a lot, along with the others in the quad. They are all quite wearable, everyday shades for me.

 photo IMG_2843_zpspe7jfy3z.jpg

The shadows feel pretty good in the pan, fairly stiff but not bad. The mattes are softer and, as you can see in the swatches above, of much stronger pigmentation. That being said, they are dustier, so you do need to tap off the access to avoid too much fallout. The light shade in upper-left is disappointing in my opinion. The pigmentation there falls flat; it just isn’t very strong, even over a primer, which unfortunately limits the looks that I would wear from this quad.

 photo IMG_2841_zpsmicecodm.jpg

The wear time is good – no complaints there at all. Blend ability is also quite good, especially with the mattes.

Overall, it’s a good eyeshadow quad, especially if you are looking for a good mid-toned brown and deep brown. The bronze in the palette is also quite pretty, with the one downside being the lightest shade. The quality is good, not like high-end, but what you would expect from good drugstore quads. I would say that this quad isn’t a must-try like the glosses, but I don’t imagine you would be too disappointed if you did give it a try.

What are your favorite products from YouTube/blogging stars?

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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