Stila Huge Mascara Review

It’s Monday again! But this time, it’s Mascara Monday. That sounds fun, huh? Makes Monday better kind of not really. Today will be a crazy day of work. The associate director of the department is visiting and nobody is quite sure why or what to expect. Anyway, let’s not talk about work and instead talk about the Stila Huge mascara. This sample came to me a while ago in a Birchbox, can’t even remember when.

 photo IMG_2757_zpsyfy5ltls.jpg

I’ll just say it up front. I love it. The voluminous lashes from this mascara is insane. Check it out (please pardon the blurriness, you still get the idea :P):

 photo IMG_2915_zps3j6qvof9.jpg

I don’t get a ton of clumping despite the volumizing aspect of the mascara. The most clumping happened when it was brand new and a much wetter formula, but after a week of using it, it dried out a bit and is perfect. On that note, I’ve been using it for a while now and no significant dry-out. That means it should last the three months that you should keep a mascara with no problem.

 photo IMG_2763_zpsms1e4yav.jpg

The want is a big, non-rubber brush, and it’s great. The hourglass shape grabs every lash and extends it up, while adding lots of volume.

Wear time is great. I don’t get any flaking throughout the day, but I will say that it is quite reactive to water. If I get watery eyes, I can count on it smudging. So if you have that trouble, this might not be the right mascara for you.

Overall, I love this mascara and will definitely be repurchasing it at some point.

Share your Mascara Monday favorites below.

I bought this myself. I’m not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

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