Fitbit Flex Six Months Review

Six months later and it’s time for a Fitbit check-in.

 photo IMG_3163_zpswdlpcbjm.jpg

I have to say that after all this time, I still love it. It does keep me motivated to keep moving; I find it measures my steps accurately.

In terms of motivation in the winter, I find that the competitions in the app don’t really help me. After the first day in the Workweek Hustle, if I’m too far behind, I kind of give up and accept my last place fate. I think it’s because it is so cold and I can’t/don’t want to go out for a quick walk around the block to catch up.

In terms of the app, not much has change, which is a bit disappointing when it comes down to it. I would love to see something fresh. However, they did recently add trophies which I am quite looking forward to exploring.

 photo IMG_3162_zpsced8v2to.jpg

In terms of the band and device, everything is holding up well, and I have no complaints. I would like to get some new bands, just to have some colorful options, but there is no immediate need to do so.

I do want to point out that I did lower my step goal to 5,000 steps for the winter, because if I didn’t get anywhere near 10,000 I wouldn’t try. But now that the step goal is more reachable, I’m more likely to take more steps per day!

Overall, I’m still loving it and think it would be quite beneficial to a lot of people. It makes a great gift, especially if a group of friends is getting one/has one already.. It’s definitely more fun to have friends involved. I do love and recommend the Fitbit Flex (and would love to try out the Charge, so that I can see how many flights of stairs I climb per day).

This was a gift, but it was bought with his own money. All opinions are my own, and I’m not getting paid for this post.

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