1. I am a senior in college, studying English with a minor in French. I am currently working hard towards my graduation in June.

2. I love food.

3. I have two brothers, and no sisters.

4. I live by myself in my dorm, and lived by myself over the summer. I don’t see myself as a loner, but at school, I’ve always preferred to have my own space.

5. Likes: Cats, chocolate, Sweet Tarts, sleeping all the way through the night, Gilmore Girls, Friends, wasting time by watching Netflix

6. Dislikes: insomnia, owls, hiccups, wasting time by watching Netflix (:D)

About This Blog
I will accept and keep PR samples, free products, and other forms of compensation. However, I cannot guarantee a positive review based on compensation. All reviews will be based on my honest opinion regardless of compensation. Furthermore, I reserve the right to not post a review when a product is received. All received products will be disclosed clearly in the post. All opinions are my own, of course. To contact me for business inquiries, send an email to sarasbeautyblog@gmail.com. Thanks!!

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