L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme Shampoo Review

Today let’s talk about shampoo. I have really enjoyed the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 shampoo in the past, so when I saw the “extreme” version, I figured I would love it just as much. I would probably love it just as much, if not more.

 photo IMG_2794_zpsto6uqh9x.jpg

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NOTD: Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant STAR WARS Nail Polish in Speed of Light

Happy Friday! It’s really not a secret that I love nail polish. I have a ton of it and am constantly changing tit. Normally, I gravitate towards fun colors – blue tends to be my favorite, but neutrals hold a special place in my collection. When I saw the new Covergirl nail polishes, I was immediately drawn to this one: Speed of Light. So, keep reading to hear my thoughts.

 photo IMG_2749_zpsd5jjypxy.jpg

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Glamglow Thirstymud Mask Review

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well and that the weekend is definitely in sight! It’s not too early right….. Anyway, today I’m writing about a product from a brand with an incredible cult following: Glamglow. I won’t lie, all of the hype has made me want to try it. So, when I saw that it was in a limited edition Birchbox, I jumped right on it.

 photo IMG_1775_zpsvldwaxpd.jpg

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November 2015 Birchbox + Photos

Oof. It’s been a little while, huh? I wish I could come up with a good excuse. But no excuse is ever good. Please just accept my apology, and we will move on :P.

I’ve come back with an exciting post though: my November Birchbox!

 photo IMG_2802_zpschzz5odq.jpg
 photo IMG_2804_zpsj3bl7qjt.jpg

Spoiler: this month isn’t exactly my favorite, but it is a really high value, which is nice. So without further ado; let’s get into this.

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Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask Review

Hi everyone. I hope everyone’s weekend went well and you aren’t too sad that it’s over. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to going back to work this morning. I’m in serious need of a vacation.

Today, I’m talking about a product that I’ve been meaning to review for SO LONG. I’ve just never gotten around to it, and I”m not sure why.

 photo IMG_1773_zpsfvbkg2va.jpg

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Still Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches and Demo

Finally Friday again. It was a super stressful week, and I have a busy weekend ahead, including a bridal shower (it’s so crazy to me to think that I am old enough to be going to my friends’ bridal showers).

Anyway, let’s talk about a product that really packs a punch- the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. The two that I’m reviewing are sample sizes that I received in Birchboxes. They are both very bright and very beautiful.

 photo IMG_1633_zpsy5u83efi.jpg

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Cynthia Rowley Brightening Illuminator Review

Hello everyone. It’s Wednesday again and we are nearing the halfway mark for the week. I hope you all are having a good week. If not, let’s be optimistic that it gets better! Today we are talking bout something that I love: highlighter! This is a sample that I received in a recent Birchbox, and I’m ready to review it.

 photo IMG_1457_zps5ilyekln.jpg

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