Fitbit Flex Six Months Review

Six months later and it’s time for a Fitbit check-in.

 photo IMG_3163_zpswdlpcbjm.jpg

I have to say that after all this time, I still love it. It does keep me motivated to keep moving; I find it measures my steps accurately.

In terms of motivation in the winter, I find that the competitions in the app don’t really help me. After the first day in the Workweek Hustle, if I’m too far behind, I kind of give up and accept my last place fate. I think it’s because it is so cold and I can’t/don’t want to go out for a quick walk around the block to catch up.

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Stila Huge Mascara Review

It’s Monday again! But this time, it’s Mascara Monday. That sounds fun, huh? Makes Monday better kind of not really. Today will be a crazy day of work. The associate director of the department is visiting and nobody is quite sure why or what to expect. Anyway, let’s not talk about work and instead talk about the Stila Huge mascara. This sample came to me a while ago in a Birchbox, can’t even remember when.

 photo IMG_2757_zpsyfy5ltls.jpg

I’ll just say it up front. I love it. The voluminous lashes from this mascara is insane. Check it out (please pardon the blurriness, you still get the idea :P):

 photo IMG_2915_zps3j6qvof9.jpg

I don’t get a ton of clumping despite the volumizing aspect of the mascara. The most clumping happened when it was brand new and a much wetter formula, but after a week of using it, it dried out a bit and is perfect. On that note, I’ve been using it for a while now and no significant dry-out. That means it should last the three months that you should keep a mascara with no problem.

 photo IMG_2763_zpsms1e4yav.jpg

The want is a big, non-rubber brush, and it’s great. The hourglass shape grabs every lash and extends it up, while adding lots of volume.

Wear time is great. I don’t get any flaking throughout the day, but I will say that it is quite reactive to water. If I get watery eyes, I can count on it smudging. So if you have that trouble, this might not be the right mascara for you.

Overall, I love this mascara and will definitely be repurchasing it at some point.

Share your Mascara Monday favorites below.

I bought this myself. I’m not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

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FleurdeForce Eyeshadow in Cosmic Bronze Review

Hey all! This is new, deciding to post my third post on a Saturday! Anyway, last week I wrote about FleurdeForce’s lip gloss release that I really loved, and today we’re talking about the eyeshadow. I opted for the more brown-toned quad over the pink/purple tones. Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

 photo IMG_2839_zps2nfpzloo.jpg

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L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme Emergency Recovery Mask Review

Hi everyone. I recently posted a review of the new L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme shampoo, and today I’m talking about the accompanying deep conditioner: Total Repair Extreme Emergency Recovery Mask. A long time ago, I reviewed the Total Repair 5 deep conditioner that comes in a tub. I LOVE that stuff. However, I wanted to give this a try to see fi it was just as good or even better than the previous version that I loved so much.

 photo IMG_2793_zpss7flsr0f.jpg

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Beauty Gift Guide

Hi all, trying something new today. In the past, I did a list of things I wanted for Christmas, but this year I’m revamping that idea. Instead of telling you what I want (which usually makes me feel really greedy), I’m sharing 9 beauty gift ideas- sets and whatnot that have caught my attention. I have even left links so you can see the products and order it. No links are affiliate links.

1. Lorac Mega Pro 2
Not gonna lie, I already bought this. It is easily the most expensive makeup item that I have ever bought myself, but I knew I would regret it if I let it pass by. I have to say that it is so pretty, and you could get SO MANY looks from this palette. I already used it once (it took me like two weeks to use… it’s so pretty that I didn’t want to mess it up hahaha), and I love it. Very pigmented shadows in a variety of gorgeous colors.
It can be purchased: here.

2. Stila Trust in Love
This set is so pretty. It is smaller, and less expensive, than the Lorac palette, but the 10 shades that are included are gorgeous (especially that copper one!!). It also comes with an eyeliner and a lip glaze, both of which I really enjoy. Stila is probably my favorite high-end brand, and I love their eyeshadows.
It can be purchased: here.

3. Sephora Favorites Draw the Line
I love eyeliners. That’s probably not a surprise to you, as I have done many eyeliner posts over the years, especially in the last year (with more to come, haha). This is a set of eyeliners, only one of which I tried (the Stila). I love that they are all different textures, while still being wearable. There is only one color in the kit, and it is a very pretty purple. Any eyeliner addict will love this set. I’ll probably purchase this for my sister-in-law, to be honest. She wears eyeliner everyday, so I’m sure she would like to try something new.
It can be purchased: here.

4. Sephora Favorites Meet Your Match
This was another gift I was considering for my sister-in-law, but at the end of the day, I think it was just because I wanted it :). There are three nail polishes from great brands: Deborah Lippmann, Nails Inc., and Formula X, and some great lip products from Hourglass, Bite, and Tarte. I’ve never tried any of these products, and only one of these brands (Formula X). I may end up purchasing this for myself. It’s a great bargain.
It can be purchased: here.

5. Bite Beauty Mix and Mingle
I’ve been so intrigued by this brand since it became popular in the last year or two. I’ve really been intrigued by these double ended lipsticks, as they are great value for money and a wonderful way to try new products.
They can be purchased: here.

6. The Body Shop Glazed Apple Tin of Delights
I had this scent last year, and I loved it. I’m a sucker for apple-scented things, and I think it is a really loved scent, you can’t really go wrong with apple. If I hadn’t have already picked out the eyeliner set for my sister-in-law, I would probably have purchased this for her. There is a shower gel, body butter, shimmer fragrance globe (to be honest, not so sure what that one is but it sounds fun!), and lip balm.
It can be purchased: here.

7. Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations
I have always wanted to try the Laura Mercier honey bath, and when I saw this set, I had instant lust. LOL. But really, there are so many products that are so luxurious in this set: the honey bath, body creme, etc. It is expensive, and I’ll be admiring from afar, but it would make a really impressive gift for someone.
It can be purchased: here.

8. Anything from Lush
I finally have my bathtub working (the drain didn’t work and I was on the hunt for a drain cover for forever), and I cannot wait to start playing with Lush products. I have never used them before, but they are so fun, and I cannot wait to give them a go. They are a little unnecessary and possibly over-the-top, but that is why Lush products make such great gifts.
Have a look around: here.

9. New Sets from Revlon
I saw Tati (GlamLifeGuru) haul some Revlon sets a while ago on her channel, but could only find one online. Revlon is great brand, so a set from them would make a wonderful gift.
An example of one of the sets can be purchased: here.

I hope you have found this helpful. Please let me know what is on your wishlist/gift guide below in the comments. If you would like me to do a non-beauty list or perhaps share some ideas for family members (or at least what I’m thinking for my family), let me know.

I am not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.

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NOTD: Julep Aubrey

Hello all! I hope that those of you in the US had a wonderful holiday yesterday, and that those of you outside of the country are enjoying your Friday. I managed to get a few days off of work (Wednesday through Friday), so I’m quite happy.

Anyway, today let’s talk nail polish. In my November Julep Maven box, I received this color: Julep Aubrey. Keep reading to find out my thoughts.

 photo IMG_2977_zpstlitlibn.jpg

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FleurdeForce Lip Gloss in Written in the Stars Review

Today, let’s talk about something new and exciting. FleurdeForce released a makeup range! I am a huge fan of Fleur; I love her honesty and I trust her opinion wholeheartedly. So, when she released a makeup range, I jumped on it. I ordered a lip gloss and an eyeshadow quad, and today we are talking about the lip gloss!

 photo IMG_2830_zpslehwt4zl.jpg

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