FleurdeForce Lip Gloss in Written in the Stars Review

Today, let’s talk about something new and exciting. FleurdeForce released a makeup range! I am a huge fan of Fleur; I love her honesty and I trust her opinion wholeheartedly. So, when she released a makeup range, I jumped on it. I ordered a lip gloss and an eyeshadow quad, and today we are talking about the lip gloss!

 photo IMG_2830_zpslehwt4zl.jpg

The color I chose was the most neutral: Written in the Stars. I wanted to choose a color that I could wear to work and really put to the test on an everyday basis. For reference, my work day is filled with lots of talking, eating, and drinking (a lot of coffee, haha).

 photo IMG_2836_zpstmz3jvxl.jpg

I can start off by saying that the color is so pretty. It’s slightly different than my natural lip color, so it really works as a “my lips but better” color for me. The coverage is full and opaque, which is really impressive.

 photo IMG_2832_zps7s0so0ef.jpg

I love the applicator. It’s a standard doe foot shape, but it picks up the perfect amount of product. I don’t end up with a gloopy look because of too much product.

 photo IMG_2861_zpsemnubplv.jpg

Let’s talk about wear and feel. It was about as well as any other lip gloss I enjoy: I get a few good hours of color and shine if I don’t eat or drink. Eating and drinking, however, does result in complete removal from the lips. It doesn’t leave any stain of color behind (but that could be because it is a light color- I haven’t tried the brighter ones… yet), and it appears to come evenly.

In terms of feel, it is noticeable. I don’t mind the feeling of it on my lips (it isn’t sticky or gloopy), but it may bother those of you who prefer “weightless lip glosses.”

Oh, and it smells delicious: like vanilla!

Overall, I like this lip gloss a lot and will likely purchase more. I am impressed with the shine, color, feel, and scent. I would recommend giving these a try if you are looking for a full-coverage lip gloss.

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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