New Formula! Almay Intense I-Color Evening Smoky for Green Eyes (and swatches) Review

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s dive right into today’s post. Today, I’m talking about Almay eyeshadows. I now what you’re thinking- I’ve already reviewed these. And when I saw the new packaging in the store, I thought the same thing. But, I saw a pamphlet in Rite Aid (it had coupons, by the way!) that claimed that the shadows were a new formula. I was very excited about that, as Almay is one of my favorite brands for a lot of things… except eyeshadow.

 photo IMG_1711_zpseya5qdh5.jpg

I ended up choosing the Evening Smoky for green eyes. I don’t have green eyes, but the green was fairly neutral, and I could think of a few looks that I could get with this small palette.

 photo IMG_1712_zpshjluuadd.jpg

The new packaging is really cute and similar to the single eyeshadows that were released a year or so ago. The “a” shape is really nice and really sets it apart from other small palettes in my collection. The foam tip applicator is very uniquely shaped. It seems as though it can be effective, but I can’t really speak to that. I do tend to favor brushes over foam tip applicators.

 photo IMG_1715_zpsbtfo0kg3.jpg

Here, you can see what the swatches look like. The top watches are without primer, the bottom is using the Almay Liquid Shadow + Color Primer. Obviously, the shadows look a lot better with the primer. The darker colors, the brown and the green, show up really nicely and are quite beautiful. They aren’t as impactful as high-end shadows, but I can’t complain about their look. The lighter one, on the other hand, does not really deliver. I wish it packed a greater punch like the darker shades.

In terms of the feel, they are still a little dry, which means that they do have some fallout. Found that the green is worst culprit, depositing glitter all over my face (okay, just all around my eye area).

Overall, I think that I can get some really pretty looks out of this palette, and I have received compliments when I’ve worn this on my eyes. It is really pretty, and I’m not sad that I bought it. Are they amazing with their new formula? No. But it is still a good, safe-for-sensitive eyes, shadow for a good price. I won’t be purchasing more, but I will definitely use this. I would recommend checking it out if you find a trio of colors that you like.

What are your thoughts on drugstore shadows? I’d love to now your favorites.

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