Almay Smart Shade Lip Butter (Light/Medium Pink) Review

Hello everyone. Time for another week! I need a vacation. Today we are keeping this happy and light with a very pretty product: the Almay smart shade lip butter. I picked this up a while ago, but I have a ton of lip products, and I don’t actually wear lip products every day (yeah I know, what am I doing with my life??). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m finally ready to give this product a review.

 photo IMG_1627_zpsczgjp4xt.jpg

The Almay lip butters are a super creamy consistency. It is probably one of the most comfortable lip products that I have worn in a long time. The texture of this almost resembles a lip balm. Actually, I would say that it feels like a lip balm on my lips. It is so wonderful to wear.

 photo IMG_1626_zps4mxcmzmc.jpg

But don’t be fooled. This product definitely delivers on pigmentation. The top swatch in the photo above is with a couple of swipes (somewhere between 3 and 5), and the bottom is with just one, normal-pressure swipe. And yes, it really does look like that. To me, it is just incredible how much color comes with such a comfortable formula!

Also, let’s just take a minute and appreciate the shine. It isn’t glossy, but the sheen that it provides is just beautiful. it makes your lips looker fuller and gives them a very pretty shine.

 photo IMG_1625_zpsdu0zq5iu.jpg

In terms of wearability, it is what I would expect. This is not claiming to be a long wearing product, and I find that I get adequate wear time out of it: a few hours if I’m not eating or drinking.

I love the color, too. I love these bright pink colors, and this one is toned down enough that I can comfortably wear it to work, but bright enough to still feel summery and special and like a “me” color.

Overall, I highly recommend testing out this lipstick. It is a fantastic formula: so comfortable, fairly long-wearing, and pigmented. There is nothing that I would improve about this product, except maybe add some more colors.

As a final note, don’t feel like you need to choose a color in your skin tone range. I am definitely not “light/medium.” I’m more like “light/very light.” Just choose a color that you like and that you feel good in! The skin tone matches are just suggestions.

Have you tried these? What are you favorite Almay products? (I love this brand!)

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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