Jamberry Nail Wraps Review + Demo

Hello everyone. Here’s to another Monday… Hopefully this week won’t be too difficult in terms of work. Ugh. I need a vacation and I’ve only been at my job for two months haha.

Today, I’m talking about Jamberry nail wraps. I hadn’t heard of them until their PR company reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try them. Of course I said yes. Who doesn’t love fun nails?

 photo IMG_1426_zpswwnd4bra.jpg

 photo IMG_1366_zpszwrtvyqp.jpg


Before I talk about how they applied and wore, let me tell a few things. 1) I didn’t think I liked nail wraps that much. I had only tried one before, but they weren’t my favorite. 2) These are applied in a completely different way than other stick-on wraps. 3) The wraps that I have on my nails are called “Sweet Whimsy” and the other set in the photo above are “Snake Skin.”

Let me talk about the application first. They come on a sheet like any other nail wraps. There are a variety of sizes, so you can pick the one that best suits your nails. The nice thing is that they have quite wide ones too, so you can use these on your nails. Note that the rest of the photos have a slight yellow tint to them because the light in the bathroom isn’t that great.

 photo IMG_1419_zpst9v1jdom.jpg

After you choose the strip you want to use, you pull remove it from the sheet, and blow dry it. Yes, you hold up your blow dryer to “activate” the adhesive. This is supposed to help it seal to your nail. I like applying it to the underside; I find that applying to the design side doesn’t create as nice of a seal.

 photo IMG_1421_zpsdjoudxgs.jpg

Then, you line it up with the base of your nail and smooth it out. You will, of course, have a ton of wrap hanging off the end, so you trim it with a pair of scissors and file in a downward motion to remove the excess. I was able to do both nails (i.e., both index fingers) with one strip as my nails are fairly short and the same size, but if you have very long nails, that might not be feasible.

 photo IMG_1422_zpsyp6zn8pd.jpg

After you apply and trim, you heat it again, and then apply some more pressure. This should seal it to your nail.

It sounds like a complicated process, but I found it to be relatively easy to apply. It took about the same amount of time as painting your nails would (less when you account for drying time). The only thing I will say is that I thought my nails were thinner in terms of width than they are, so there was a bit of bare nail appearing on the perimeter. But hey, now I know for next time.

 photo IMG_1424_zpsglmvvzwh.jpg

I did mess up one nail (below). However, after I noticed how uneven it was, I applied more heat and smoothed it out. I didn’t need to file it again. But I made sure to apply a ton of pressure, ensuring that it was secure. It then fell off after I got out of the shower. I wasn’t too concerned. I simply reheated it, applied it, applied pressure, and then heated it again. I never had any problems for the rest of the week.

 photo IMG_1423_zps8e5o2dyw.jpg

These wore so well! They stayed nice the entire week (applied on Monday evening). There was no chipping whatsoever. By Friday, the tips were peeling up just ever so slightly, and by Saturday it was enough to annoy me, so I simply peeled off the stickers (they removed so nicely).

Overall, I have to say that I am really impressed. They lasted a really long time on my nails (compared to the wraps that I had used before and to regular nail polish), and it took a very little amount of time and effort to apply. Furthermore, I love the design. Even people at work were impressed. My manager asked me to order her a sheet the next time I place my own order, so that is definitely saying something.

These are seriously great, and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. They are great to use whenever I want some nail art. You can purchase them on Jamberry’s site: here. They are more expensive than nail polish, but they last for a longer amount of time on the nails, and are a bit easier too apply. Plus, when you consider the designs, it probably ends up being cheaper (it’s easier and plus, you would have to purchase a ton of different colors and tools to achieve the look that these wraps have).

What are your favorite nail wraps? Or, what are your favorite nail art techniques?

I am not getting paid for this post. These were sent to me by Jamberry’s PR company, but, as always, all of the opinions in this post are my own.

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25 Responses to Jamberry Nail Wraps Review + Demo

  1. The designs are gorgeous! Especially the flowery one.
    I love Sally Hansen’s nail strip designs and I’ve gotten really good at applying them and getting them to stay on nicely (nail glue is the trick) but as far as the overall look and how long they last I prefer Revlon’s. I was shocked at long they lasted. L’Oreals are the worst! They’re basically just a thin sticker and they easily tear during the application process. The only thing I don’t like about nail strips (at least with Sally Hansen and Revlon) is that once you open the pack you have to use them up. They offer enough strips that I can do my nails twice over (because many strips will fit to two nails if you cut them right) but they don’t “keep” and you have to throw them out. So you can’t save any strips. And even if you don’t open the pack but leave them sitting around for a year, which I’ve done because I have dozens of them I haven’t used yet, they go bad too and won’t stick.

    Anyway I haven’t heard of Jamberry either but I’ll google them maybe. My nail tips for wraps/strips is to manicure nails a day or so before if possible so they look their best, then apply wraps/strips the next day and use nail glue so they stay on longer. If anybody is worried about ruining their natural nail then stay away from the nail glue however I haven’t had any issues with it. =)

  2. Oh!! I see you linked to the site, I don’t need to google after all.

  3. There’s a design on Jamberry’s site called “Atlantis” that’s like a blue-green ombre and I love it!

    • Sara says:

      Oo yeah, I like that one too. The good thing about these is that they do last once the package is open, since they are just stickers that are activated by the heat. You don’t have to worry about using them up all in one go. They don’t expire like the other ones that you were talking about. 🙂 I’m glad you found this helpful!

      • Yeah I love that aspect–they don’t expire. Plus the hairdryer application seems easy enough. I think the $15 price tag isn’t too bad either if you want really nice nails before vacation, for an event or just to treat yourself once in a while especially since they last. I only get the Revlon or Sally Hansen strips when I either get an amazing deal between sales & coupons or on clearance but this brand seems REALLY nice!

      • Sara says:

        Yeah, I’m definitely very impressed with them!

      • Also it’s pretty cool they found you & offered for you to test their product.

      • I didn’t see any seasonal styles but I didn’t search for that. I LOVE seasonal ones, I wonder if they’ll have any of those….!

      • Sara says:

        It was so cool that they offered- SO NICE! Yeah, that would be cool. They have so many different categories on their site though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they added seasonal in the future

      • It is SO NICE and I think it means you have a really good beauty blog!
        They need seasonal–if they read this: You need seasonal!! Autumn, Halloween and Christmas!

      • Sara says:

        Aw, thank you. I’m sure they will read it! And,if not, if they ask me for any suggestions in the future, I’ll let them know 🙂

      • Tanya says:

        They do have seasonal styles 🙂 There are a whole bunch of wraps retiring this month and then the NEW catalog will come out September 1st and it will have all kinds of festive wraps for halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc 🙂 and the $15 is pretty good considering you get 2-3 manicures and 2 pedicures out of one sheet PLUS they have a buy 3 get 1 free deal so you can get an even better deal!

      • Sara says:

        Cool thanks for the info. Thanks for reading my site- feel free to check out my other posts you may enjoy! 🙂

  4. Ashley says:

    These are so cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. I am sure there will be seasonal in the new catalog that lauches Sept 1st. Right now lots of designs are retiring, so if you see something you like on that list, get it before it’s gone August 31,2015!

  6. Anne says:

    Sweet Whimsey is one of my faves! Just wore it last week!

  7. Kelly says:

    Sweet whimsy is one of my favorites too! They are a great way to accessorize and have a manicure that’s affordable and lasts longer than polish. Plus, with all the choices, it’s so hard to just choose one.

  8. Hi! Great blog. FYI, its a tad easier to cut the wrap in half while its still on the sheet, and then lifting it off with an orange stick and applying heat to it while its on the stick (or use tweezers)… touching it can affect the glue and damage the wrap before you even get it on! And be careful with peeling them off… it may have been easy this time, but might not always be, and can damage your nail, if removed improperly!

    Sweet Whimsy was one of the first designs I tried from Jamberry and love it. I have an extra sheet set aside, because its one of the wraps that are being discontinued this month. Here in the next few weeks, I would think they would begin advertising the seasonal wraps.

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