Ikea & Bed Bath and Beyond Haul

In honor of the couch, bed, and bookshelves we purchased on July 3 FINALLY arriving tomorrow, I figured I would show you the rest of our Ikea haul from that day (as well as a few things that we got from Bed Bath and Beyond). Let’s just get right into it.

 photo IMG_1164_zpssdk0iha1.jpg
 photo IMG_1168_zpscwt6tzl3.jpg
 photo IMG_1165_zpskhxnpgic.jpg

First up, pillows. We purchased two pillows. A 16-by-26 pillow that is navy, white, and yellow (which will look amazing with our new couch), and a 20-by-20 grey textured pillow. I like that we are finally getting some color with the little bit of navy and yellow, but we are also huge fans of grey. The bathroom, when I finally show it, has so much grey in it. We wanted bits of that color to go throughout the apartment, giving it a sense of cohesiveness. Also, we liked the Fjadrar pillows rather than the cheaper ones. They just felt more memory foam-ish. I’m not sure how they are different but they are a TON more comfortable.

 photo IMG_1169_zpsxt9ca2lr.jpg

Next, I got this set of yellow bowls. They were pretty inexpensive, and I got them because I wanted a candy bowl for my desk at work. I’m using it as a ploy to get people to come by and talk to me. It isn’t really working yet, but people at least acknowledge me, so that’s good.

 photo IMG_1170_zpsi5vq8anw.jpg

Next up is another picture frame. I mentioned in my last haul how we wanted to purchase as many as possible (because we love to take pictures), so we’ve been buying ones that we like as we see them.

 photo IMG_1171_zpsip8thsdr.jpg

We also got this collage frame, or, as we like to call it “the selfie collage.” We are going to use this frame to hold a bunch of different pictures of the two of us. We wanted to have them around, but we want to keep them together so that we can have the rest of the space for the more artistic photos that we take.

And, that’s it from Ikea besides the furniture that still hasn’t arrived. UGH!!!

 photo IMG_1326_zpsfl382ihd.jpg

From Bed Bath and Beyond, we were super adult-y adults and we purchased this valance for the bathroom, along with the brushed nickel curtain rod. It’s grey and white (color corrected because we took these photos late in the day), and it looks awesome in the bathroom. I’m so excited because that room is almost complete. All we need is a new shower head, a shower caddy, and a drain plug.

 photo IMG_1334_zpsal3lnw86.jpg

And last but certainly not least, our wine glasses. We got a set of 12 wine glasses from Dailyware for about ten dollars (super good deal, right?). We opted for white wine glasses since we don’t drink red. Basically, they are pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Are you excited to see the couch? I know I am!!

I bought everything myself (with my boyfriend). All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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2 Responses to Ikea & Bed Bath and Beyond Haul

  1. Robyn says:

    I LOVE your candy bowl ploy. I wish you luck.

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