L’Oreal La Laque and Le Matte Lip Crayons Review

It’s Monday again. But, on the bright side, today I have a post about some fabulous lip products that I am so glad have returned to the drugstore. Now, please be aware that these ones are from last year’s collection, but I do not believe that the formula has changed. Furthermore, I do not know if these La Laque and Le Matte lip crayons are permanent this time around or on a similar super limited edition run. I hope that they are here to stay.

 photo IMG_1349_zpsmuqv8h4k.jpg

I know I kind of gave it away in the intro by saying that I am a fan of these lip products, but I really am. They last a really long time on the lips, but they feel so comfortable. The La Laque crayons are very moisturizing, but continue to last throughout eating and drinking. I usually just need a minor touchup after lunch. Otherwise, it lasts all day. Even the Le Matte lasts a really long time on the lips. It does feel a little bit more drying, but if you apply a lip balm underneath, you’ll have no problems at all.

Both products wash off completely using a washcloth, which is really nice (you don’t end up with stains on your sheets and lips).

 photo IMG_1355_zpsyob4n46w.jpg

Here are some swatches for you. They obviously don’t have the same colors this year, but I want you to see the finish. The one on the left is matte and the one on the right is the La Laque. As you can see the shiny one isn’t overly shiny and the matte is a perfect matte. I really, really love the finish of both of these. If you want a shiny finish for the Le Matte color, you can easily apply a clear gloss over the top without disrupting the lipstick beneath.

 photo IMG_1352_zpsj6hptstu.jpg

The applicator for these is quite unique. The one on the left hasn’t really been used (I don’t have a lot of places to wear this color), so you can see what the applicator looks like new. However, it is easy to maintain the shape of the crayon (see the one on the right, about halfway gone). I love the applicator, I think it really helps you to get the cupid’s bow but it doesn’t cause you to accidentally go outside of the lip line.

Overall, I really love these and am so glad that they are back. I have a strong feeling that I will be picking up some more soon!

What are your favorite lipstick formulas right now?

I bought these myself. I’m not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my onw.

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7 Responses to L’Oreal La Laque and Le Matte Lip Crayons Review

  1. I’ve wanted to try these for a while, but I just don’t like the colors they’ve just released, none of them are very everyday -for me at least! Right now my favorite lip formula is the Clarins instant light natural lip perfectors!
    ps. New post!

    • Sara says:

      Oo I’ve never tried them but I really want to. I haven’t seen the new colors of the le matte and la laque, so I don’t know if I would like them. I like having a lot of fun colors haha.

      • I really like mine! I only have one color, number 6 – but it’s made me a total convert I don’t like any other glosses (not that this is a gloss either) and it just gives your lips the perfect natural tint! Well if you like having more fun colors then you may like the new matte colors! They are all pretty bold, bright and pigmented. The only color I saw that sparked my interest was a deep fuchsia/purple/magenta type of color because I have nothing like it!

      • Sara says:

        Oo I’m going to have give those a try. I do always hear people talk about them.
        Hm. I don’t know about purple-toned. I’m not adventurous enough for that haha

      • Well they had a lot of colors in the red family, there was only one like the one I described. But none of them were lighter MLBB type of colors

  2. I’m obsessed with these also! The shape of the pen makes it so easy to apply without fear of overlined lips. If you’re interested, I just did a review on the Le Matte line on my page at http://wp.me/p65oNU-5y

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