Bath and Body Works Aloe Gel Lotion Review

Happy Friday everyone! After a week of early days at work, I am so over this week.

Anyway, moving on from less unpleasant things; let me talk about this lotion that I got from Bath and Body Works. I do want to say that I haven’t seen it online still, but there is something called Cooling Gel Lotion which I’m assuming is its equivalent for later summer and into fall.

 photo IMG_1238_zpskl3cuqoo.jpg

I’m not even going to mess around on this one: we love this. Yes, we. My boyfriend, who burns just as easily as I do, has been using this right alongside of me. We love how cooling it feels on the skin, and it just gives us so much relief. My boyfriend likes that it doesn’t smell bad like other aloe creams can (I think it smells really good actually- this is one of if not my most favorite BBW scent) and that it isn’t greasy (which I can verify as true).

My favorite aspect is the moisturizing qualities. It doesn’t moisturize enough to keep me from peeling, but it definitely helps out that process, especially when I keep using it.

Overall, I love this stuff and it seems to be a general crowd pleaser. I highly recommend trying this out. Chances are that the Cooling Gel Lotion is similar if not the same. They just released a bunch of scents that sound amazing.

I bought this myself. All opinions are my/our own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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