Not Soap, Radio Body Wash Review

Let’s review a sample that I got in last month’s (April’s) Birchbox. This is the Not Soap, Radio Body Wash in the scent Bathing with Sharks. This body wash seems to be very “hipster,” trying to make the consumer believe that it isn’t like any other body wash. But does it deliver?

 photo DSCN1952_zpspbbvie6w.jpg

Well, the first thing that I have to say is that it is a body wash. Unfortunately, I have yet to come across any that are terribly different from the others. Of course there are formulas that I prefer (The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works), but that really comes down to price, scent options, and foaminess (I love shower gels that give serious lathering action). This one is not particularly special in any of those categories.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy using this shower gel. It smelled really great. It was fresh and “beachy” time of scent. I know that that is really vague, but fresh is the only thing that I can really think of to describe it. It is definitely not a scent that I would usually gravitate towards, but I enjoyed it.

As far as lathering goes, I needed to use a little bit more wash than I have had to with other shower gels, but it wasn’t bad.

Overall, I found it to be a pretty average soap. I like the concept of trying to be more than just a body wash, but for me, it was just average. Would I pay $16.00 a bottle? Probably not. Not when there are other body washes that are significantly cheaper that I prefer. If you are looking for something new, however, this might be a good brand to check out.

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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