Preparing for my Apartment Haul

As promised, today is the second part of my haul. Over spring break, my mom and I went to TJMaxx and I got a ton of stuff that I can use in my new apartment… once I get it. :P. Check it out below!

 photo IMG_0003_zpsbydse6fi.jpg

The first thing actually came from Amazon, but it shouldn’t have. It’s a two cup, glass measuring cup. I paid around ten bucks for it on Amazon, but when I was at TJMaxx, I saw that they were there for $3.99. I am quite annoyed that I didn’t wait before I ordered it, but oh well.

I bought this because I love to bake. I did a lot of baking this summer, and I think it’s a pretty fun hobby. With my new equipment, I will have everything I need to make whatever I want.

 photo IMG_0004_zps55uuctsu.jpg

 photo IMG_0005_zpsckw8l5mf.jpg

 photo IMG_0001_zpsq5w1zmei.jpg

I ended up getting a bunch of the OXO Good Grips POP Containers. I am obsessed with these things. Seriously, I have been wanting them since I saw them on Five Ingredient Fix (a show on Food Network) a long time ago. I am so excited to have found them at TJMaxx. I think they were there because they have switched to a rectangle popper thing on the lid now. I really don’t mind, because it works out for me in the end.

I got two of the round 3.0 quart/2.8 liter containers. I think I will be using those for flour and sugar. I really want to get the scoopers (I have them in my wishlist on Amazon, so maybe for my birthday someone will get them for me… or I might cave and get them), and they would be perfect in these containers.

I got two of the 2.5 quart/2.3 liter rectangular containers. I’m thinking that these will be used for brown sugar and powdered sugar. My mom has rectangular containers that she uses for her brown sugar and powdered sugar, so I love that I found similar ones.

I also got one square 2.4 quart/2.3 liter container, a square 0.9 quart/0.9 liter container, and one rectangular 1.5 quart/1.4 liter container. Honestly, I just got them because my mom was being an enabler ;). However, the 0.9 quart one will be perfect for chocolate chips. I, of course, came to this conclusion after I got home from the store, so I asked my mom to pick up two more for me. One will be for butterscotch chips, which I cook with a lot (I make delicious cinnamon butterscotch cookies!). I think the third would be for whatever I’m using at the time: toffee chips, white chocolate chips, etc. The other two containers… well, I’m not sure what I’ll use them for yet. Leave your recommendations down below.

 photo IMG_0006_zps5pwy0xr4.jpg

Next, I got this ladle from Oneida. I found this in the clearance section, even though there were the exact same ones in the regular section. Always check the clearance section before you check out! You never know what you will find. Anyway, I love making homemade chicken noodle soup, and now I can properly serve it. 😀

 photo IMG_0008_zpsnjuv0m1b.jpg

I got these cool spatulas from KitchenAid. I like the bamboo handles. They have no splinters and they feel quite nice. The blue spatula is quite a strange shape, but my mom had a good point. She said that it will be perfect for getting into the corners of the mixing bowl, and she’s right.

Bonus- the colors are gorgeous.

 photo IMG_0012_zpsx4y1dhhk.jpg

My mom also convinced me to grab this KitchenAid peeler. It is a much better quality one than the one I purchased from Target last summer. I like it a lot. The handle is so substantial. I do wish it came with a blade protector… there was a light blue one in the store that had it on. I guess I’ll just give it an extra good wash. 😛

 photo IMG_0007_zpsw87rhmgx.jpg

Oh my gosh, I love this awesome sponge holder thing. It suctions to the inside of your sink, and you put your sponge in it to dry. It was on clearance for $3.00. I love that it was so inexpensive, because I have been dying to get one. It should help to keep the sponge from growing too much bacteria.

 photo IMG_0010_zpstskmpnsi.jpg

The last thing I got from TJMaxx was this pack of hangers. For my entire life, I’ve used plastic hangers or the ones that you get from the stores. However, when I was in London, I bought some of these skinny felt ones, and I fell in love with them. TJMaxx had these on clearance, so it was a no brainer. I think these are going to be so great in my new apartment. I won’t have to deal with plastic hangers ever again (except for the ones that hold skirts).

 photo IMG_0011_zpsoutmc0ex.jpg

There is one final thing that I wanted to show you all. It’s a pepper grinder and salt shaker that I bought from Target. I love the brushed copper finish of them, and to be honest, I just had to have them!

So, there you go. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if there is anything you think I need for my new place (besides furniture of course)!

I bought everything myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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