NOTD: Zoya Zuza

Hi guys. Finally, an NOTD. This is Zoya Zuza, a color that I have owned for a very long time but haven’t really ever worn before. I have no idea why. I just never picked it up… until now. Keep reading for my review of the polish.

 photo DSCN1772_zpss8fzfmhb.jpg

As you can see from the picture above, the color is a gorgeous teal with a very noticeable silver shimmer in it. It has a very mermaid-esque vibe going on, and I love that. The picture above is my nails with too coats of the polish. I found that each coat applied very easily and evenly. I also found that it lasted quite well on my nails. After I went to work in the dining hall, there were no noticeable chips.

The only real criticism I have is that the finish is not very shiny. I wish it were a bit shinier as I think it would make the effect a lot more mermaid-y, but I still enjoy it how it is.

Overall, I love this nail polish and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys blue-green polishes. Check it out if you get the chance.

What nail polishes have you been wearing lately?

I am not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own. I bought this polish myself.

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3 Responses to NOTD: Zoya Zuza

  1. Gorgeous. I’m always trying to find THAT color and getting imposters. Remember that Color Club set from Birchbox that had 4 pastels and one was a mermaid-esque hue? That one stunk! Those did not go on very well=( I’ve wanted to try Zoya for so long and I can never find them in my area.
    Lately I’ve been doing more clear polish on my nails(Revlon) only because with the weather I’ve noticed my nail polish cracking sooner. Before that I was wearing a lot of Sinful in red or cobalt blue. Cheap but after a few coats it stays on very well, it’s smooth and they are so shiny!! Have you used them?

    • Sara says:

      Ugh, yeah. I do remember that one. I don’t think I’ve used it since I did my NOTD on that. Zoya is definitely worth trying when you get a chance. They do deals with free shipping or BOGO fairly often. I would check it out around then. I’ve never used Sinful Colors. I never see them around.

      • I’ll check out their website. I ignored Sinful polishes because the name turned me off, I thought they were just silly and cheap but now I love them. It’s actually Revlon’s brand but they use the name Sinful. They’re known for being cheap but working really well. When nail polish was ranked last year for the brands that stayed on the longest with no chip, Sinful beat out Chanel. I get them at Walgreens, they usually have their own display built into the beauty counter otherwise they hang on a separate display from the polishes. But I don’t know where they stock them at Rite Aid or CVS I’ll look next time I’m in there. I love them because they go on smoothly and are so shiny and durable.
        I definitely need to try Zoya, and I think those are vegan aren’t they? Which is pretty cool! Thanks for the information.

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