New Apartment Haul!

Let’s talk haul shall we? I’ve purchased a fair amount of cool things for my new apartment. I am subletting so it came fully furnished but I wanted to get my own kitchen stuff and (obviously) bed towels/bathroom stuff. If I can find links, I will provide them.

 photo DSCN1655_zpse315703d.jpg

These are the dishes I picked out. They are from Corelle and are the Twilight Grove pattern. I love the colors and the fact that they are square (especially the bowls). My dad was confused by the square-ness, but I think it makes them a little bit different while still being usable. I bought mine at Walmart. Corelle is a great brand! They are durable and very lightweight. Plus, the design is not supposed to fade. My mom has used Corelle for years and years and she has never had any problems- never a broken plate or bowl which is impressive for 20+ years!
You can purchase these here.

 photo DSCN1649_zpsdc332609.jpg

These might be my favorite purchase. These are the glasses that I picked out. They are from Anchor Hocking and are the Central Park style. This picture doesn’t do them justice at all. There is a really cool pattern in the glasses. I love the shorter ones; I think they are so fun. I like things that are a little whimsical (hence the square plates) and I think these go nicely with them. There are also some really cool green tinted ones. I went with the regular ones because I think they are classier, but the green are awesome!
I bought mine at Walmart, but I can’t find them there. You can purchase them here though.

I also picked up some simple silverware (forgot to photograph it… oops). You can see a picture of it here.

 photo DSCN1654_zpse41d7bd6.jpg

I also bought some measuring cups since the girl I’m subletting didn’t have any (what?!). I got these red Kitchen Aid ones from Target. They are pretty standard. There is a 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1 cup. They weren’t expensive- only about 5 bucks!
You can get these here.

 photo DSCN1652_zps609db01b.jpg

I also got a similar set of measuring spoons. These spoons have the following measurements: 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon, 1 tablespoon.
You can get these here.

 photo DSCN1650_zps5999f6c3.jpg

I got some dish towels. The pack came with two of each style. I got them at Walmart but can’t seem to find them online.

 photo DSCN1651_zps67123b29.jpg

I also got two packs of these dish cloths from Walmart (again, can’t find them online). I prefer washing dishes with cloths rather than sponges. I just feel like I can get things cleaner and sponges just weird me out :P.

 photo DSCN1657_zpsbcd4956d.jpg

I got this delicious smelling Peach Bellini soap for in the kitchen as well. I love this scent. It is so summery and nice. I prefer the Deep Cleansing soap to the Foaming one just because I feel like I use less and because it gets my hands cleaner. I really like it.
You can purchase that here.

 photo DSCN1648_zps09b3123d.jpg

Along the same lines, I got a peach candle. I AM FINALLY ABLE TO GET CANDLES! In my dorm, we can’t have them and my mom doesn’t want me burning them at home. But here in my apartment, I can do whatever I want! 😛 But seriously, I’m so stoked to have this. This is Market Peach which is one of my favorites!! I’ve been burning it a bunch already and have only been in my apartment about a week. 😛
This style candle isn’t online, but the mason jar style is. You can buy it here.

 photo DSCN1656_zps74fd3318.jpg

I also got Hawaiian Hibiscus which is so sweet and lovely. Once my peach candle is done, I’ll be breaking this one out!
You can buy it here.

 photo DSCN1658_zpse9ab7616.jpg

Moving on to bedroom stuff, I got this little media bin from Target because the girl I’m subletting from didn’t leave me any drawers, and I can’t just put my underwear and bras out on the shelf. So I got this and it holds that stuff perfectly. I just cover it with my beach towel and put my bathing suits next to it. It doesn’t look too out of place and my undergarments are perfectly accessible while also being hidden from view. Love it!
You can buy it here.

I also bought my comforter from Target, but I couldn’t get a good picture so here is where you can see it. Beware, it is NOT white. The color is more like a light grey, which is disappointing, but I still like it!

 photo DSCN1644_zpsa790fcfa.jpg

I got some super cute hand towels from Walmart. I love the chevron pattern with the yellow and grey. Yellow is my favorite color, especially bright shades like this! I wish I had bought the whole bathroom set, but there really was no reason to.
You can buy these here.

 photo DSCN1643_zps7fa0f965.jpg

I did also buy the toothbrush cup though. I just couldn’t help it! I love it!
You can buy it here.

 photo DSCN1645_zpsef75a492.jpg

I also got this cool 3M Command Caddy. I didn’t get left a lot of space for my bathroom stuff (like my dry shampoo, heat protectant, etc.). So, I got this and put it under the mirror and it is fantastic! I’m very happy with it. I am thinking I might get another one. I have a lot of bathroom stuff, and this is just so nice. This will also be helpful for my dorm bathroom in the fall. I’m pumped.
This site will show you where you can purchase this product.

 photo DSCN1646_zps3ff6466a.jpg

Last but not least, I got a Fresh Picked Sweet Tangerines Deep Cleansing Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works. I like the freshness of it and think it works great in the bathroom.
You can buy it here.

So there you go. I’m sure I’ll be buying more home stuff as I go. I really can’t help it. I love having my own place to customize. It’s nice that I’m getting a head start on my future permanent apartment too. This is all stuff I can save for then!

Have you purchased any home stuff recently? Do share in the comments below!

I bought everything myself (or it was a gift from my parents). I am not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links.

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