February 2014 Favorites

Favorites time! Let’s jump right in because I’ve got a lot to share.

 photo DSCN1508_zpsc0fab317.jpg

First of all, my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I did a whole post raving about it, so I won’t say too much. I love this stuff and it has worked wonders for my skin.
For the full review, click here.

 photo DSCN1504_zpsdbc4f296.jpg

Next up is a fragrance. this is Pure Paradise from Bath and Body Works. I picked this up last year, but I’ve been wearing it a lot. I’ve mentioned before that I prefer coconut scents in the winter because they remind me of summer, and that’s why I’ve been wearing this so much.

 photo DSCN1509_zpsc55bed5a.jpg

Next is the Dr Jart + Ceramidin Cream. I also did a full post on this. My skin was extra dry this month, and this saved my face from looking terribly patchy.
To read more, click here.

 photo DSCN1510_zpsc908cf63.jpg

Another favorite is my Flower Face the Day Tinted Moisturizer. I am in love with this stuff, even though it is running out! I will definitely be repurchasing it once it is gone.
To read the post where I rave about this, click here

 photo DSCN1506_zps66a3602a.jpg

Finally, the CoverGirl Skin Perfector Balm. I love this stuff. Click the previous link for my full review. 🙂

A bit random now:

 photo DSCN1507_zpsb1e7c108.jpg

I love this hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. It’s the Fresh Picked Clementines and it smells so good! I use this a lot, because I always want to have clean hands before I touch my laptop or eat anything. Because it smells so good, I use it more often.

Let it Go by Demi Lovato. It’s a beautiful song and towards the beginning of the month I was listening to it on loop.
Say Something by A Great Big World. I think I mentioned this last month as well, but I can’t stop listening to it. I love it.


Let me know what you’e been loving!

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