Products I’ve Used Up | February 2014

It’s time for another empties post, and I have a lot more than I expected to have this month.

 photo DSCN1511_zpsaa638876.jpg



First up, let me tell you about these three polishes. The light blue one is Color Club Blue-Ming. I was going to paint my nails with this early in the month, but it was so gloopy that I just couldn’t do it. The bottle is almost empty and it is getting pretty thick. It’s time to say goodbye. 😦 It was one of my favorites! I’m also kicking this Ruby Wing polish to the curb. It’s in the color Peony. After the disaster with the Blue-Ming, I decided I would use this since it is the only other bright polish I brought back to school with me. Well I applied three coats, and it was still streaky and see through. The polish didn’t apply well and it wasn’t even close to opaque. I got frustrated, removed it, and put it in the “empties drawer.” Done with it. And the dark blue is my beloved Julep Angela. I used everything I could out of it. I’m so sad to see it go. 😦 Here’s one last link to the review I did: click here!

 photo DSCN1515_zpsf5ea514e.jpg

I used up my Bath and Body Works Malibu Heat Triple Moisture Body Cream. I’m really sad about this as it is one of my favorite lotion scents. I will most certainly be repurchasing it when I see it in stores. I rave about this all the time.

 photo DSCN1514_zps09b0f622.jpg

I also used up some shower stuff. This is the Dove Damage Repair Conditioner. It was okay, but there wasn’t anything special about it. I like it more than a lot of other conditioners I try, but i don’t love it. I would rather use the Tresemme Moisture Rich. I used up a Head and Shoulders 2in1. This is nice. I have no complaints and would buy it again. I also used up my Suave Naturals Guava Passion Flower body wash. I have two or three more of these. I like them a lot, but I’ve transitioned over into Bath and Body Works, so after I use up my stash, I probably won’t buy any more. It is really nice for a drugstore body wash, though. It smells divine. It was limited edition at the time, so I don’t think you can find it anywhere. Keep an eye out this summer, though, if you are interested.

 photo DSCN1512_zps05a1a144.jpg

I also used up a Leaves Wallflower. I really love this scent. This particular one was a little weak. I’m not sure if it is faulty or what. But, in general, they are my favorite wallflowers and I will continue to purchase.

So there we have it. Have you used up any products lately? Let me know below. 🙂

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