Products I’ve Used Up | January 2014

I’ve decided to make this a monthly thing. I want to talk about the products I have used up every month so that I don’t end up with a ginormous pile of stuff that is impossible to get through. This month, I don’t have that many empties, but I still would like to share them with you!

 photo IMG_3083_zpse50b2740.jpg

First, I want to mention some makeup that I threw out because it is old and I don’t/can’t use it. There are three eyeshadow palettes: a quad from Covergirl, a quad from Maybelline, and a duo from Maybelline. None of them really had outstanding pigmentation, and they all irritated my eyes. In general, I stick with hypoallergenic eyeshadows like Almay, Physician’s Formula, and Stila. Well… Stila isn’t technically hypoallergenic, but seeing as it is a high-end brand, I’m pretty comfortable using it on a regular basis. I also threw out an NYC eyeliner, a Wet n Wild eyeliner, and an Almay eyeliner. They are all pretty old. They were okay, but again irritated my eyes. The only exception is the Almay, and I threw it out because the pigmentation really was not good. Finally, I tossed the ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara. I have a full review on this, but it needed tossed because it was old.

 photo IMG_3081_zpse8f709a2.jpg

I have a review on this: click here! This is the Almay One Coat Thickening mascara. I love this mascara a lot, and I would definitely repurchase it.

 photo IMG_3084_zps99241308.jpg

Next, I used up the samples I received of the Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and Protect & Condition. Click here for the full review. I really liked the products except for the price tag. I would be willing to repurchase if I could them for a better price. I can find shampoos and conditioners that are equally as nice but for a much cheaper price.

 photo IMG_3085_zps509e4dd3.jpg

I also used up a body wash. This is the Vermont Honey Apple Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works. This was released in their fall collection, and I really enjoyed it. Last year (2012), it was called Honey Autumn Apple and I believe I have two of those left and one more of these. If that doesn’t say how much I like this scent, I don’t know what does. I like the formula of the BBW shower gels as well. They foam up really well, and you don’t need a lot of product in order to get a good lather.

 photo IMG_3086_zps5a3fa4ec.jpg

This was a present from a friend. She got a sample of The Smim Toner and Emulsion when she was shopping at The Face Shop. If you don’t know (I didn’t), this is a Korean skincare brand. And can I just say that I LOVED the toner? I feel like it really helped even out my skin tone. I just… I can’t even find the words to explain how incredible I find this toner. The emulsion was also quite nice. It made my skin feel really smooth! Both products smelled like Fruit Loops. I wish I could tell you how the product measures up to its claims, but I don’t speak Korean (except for a few phrases) and I certainly cannot read it. I most certainly would repurchase the toner unless it was over 30 dollars. Price would determine whether or not I would buy the emulsion. I liked it a lot as a day cream, so if it were under 15, I would buy a full size.

 photo IMG_3087_zpsea85e612.jpg

I have a full review of The Body Shop Grapefruit Scrub, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Click here to read more about it. The short version is that I won’t repurchase. I don’t find that body scrubs really do anything for me.

 photo IMG_3088_zps9e555189.jpg

Click here for my full review of the Bath and Body Works Wallflower in Tis the Season. I would definitely repurchase this scent if it were still in stores. I absolutely love that the apple was a prominent note in the fragrance, and the spice notes were perfect: not too overpowering but still detectable. I really liked this. Too thumbs up from me!

 photo IMG_3089_zpsc19ce093.jpg

Finally, some foil samples. I used up the Fekkai Glossing Shampoo sample I received in an Ulta order from a few months ago (hilariously, I got the same sample in my most recent Ulta order). I also finished the Davines Love Conditioner I received in a Birchbox (I absolutely loved the accompanying shampoo). I would say that I wasn’t impressed with either of them. I liked the Fekkai shampoo well enough, but I didn’t notice anything spectacular happening with my hair. It lathered really nicely and the smell was okay, but it wasn’t enough to wow me. As for the conditioner, I liked the scent. It was pretty floral, but it wasn’t headache inducing. However, it wasn’t quite moisturizing enough for my tastes. They were both okay, but probably not repurchases.

There we go: products I’ve used up this month. I really didn’t use up too many, but if I let them sit around and collect, I would end up with a gigantic pile and decided that it would be too much for one post (that’s what happened with everything I used up while abroad… I saved it all till the end but decided not to post about it because there was way too much stuff).

Anyway, what have you used up this month? Have you used any of the products I mentioned in this post? Let me know your thoughts.

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3 Responses to Products I’ve Used Up | January 2014

  1. filmoyster says:

    I find it’s tough and overwhelming sometimes to deal with the massive amount of makeup and products that I’ve gotten and want to review. I have decided to take care of stuff this way: I save small bottles of products that I like and may buy again (subscription box or samples). If I dont end up buying after a few months I recycle and that pile gets smaller. I also have a bag that I’ve been throwing favorite empties in that I’d like to review. When it gets full, I’ll just take photos to keep and recycle the bottles. If I really want to review them, I figure I’ll eventually go back to the photos and I wont have bags of extra stuff.

    Last, I’m going to create a purge pile, and post the list on my “garbage pile” page that I’ve created. If there are any that I feel the need to review, I’ll eventually get to it. That beauty protector stuff works very well, but yeah it is pricey!

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