Collective Beauty Haul | January 2014

I have decided to do monthly beauty hauls. This not only keeps me accountable for everything I purchase, it gives me the opportunity to share my recent shopping hauls with you without having to put up a million and one mini-hauls. I still plan on doing fashion hauls on their own, but that is because I don’t really go shopping for clothes that often.

Let’s start with the stuff I got from Walmart:

 photo DSCN1428_zpsc2a08933.jpg


I got the Crest Whitestrips in Advanced Vivid, and I’m underwhelmed. I really haven’t noticed a significant difference in the whiteness of my teeth. Next, I got the AcneFree Terminator 10, a holy grail acne treatment. I also picked up a new box of the Sally Hansen Wax Strips that I used to wax my eyebrows. I go through these pretty fast, since my eyebrows grow like crazy!

Moving on to Bath & Body Works:

 photo DSCN1426_zps435ec909.jpg

They had the semi-annual sale going on this month, and I controlled myself well. I picked up two body butters since they were 75% off. I got Pink Chiffon and Carried Away. Carried Away is significantly sweeter and stronger than Pink Chiffon, which is also pretty sweet.


 photo DSCN1434_zps01a321bd.jpg

This is the first of two things I got from Stila. I really wanted this set of Lip Glazes so when I saw it on sale, I knew I had to get it. I decided to give one away to my mom, but she is still deciding which she wants, but I’ll be keeping 8 of them. That’s not too many, right? 😉

 photo DSCN1432_zpsc3f75f9c.jpg

Another set from Stila. I believe this was on sale for $15 so that is only $3 an eyeliner. Naturally, I couldn’t pass up this deal, especially since I really like the one I got in my In The Light palette. I do have a review coming at some point on these eyeliners. Keep an eye for them if you are interested.

 photo DSCN1430_zps25232725.jpg

Next, I got two of the Almay Shadow Softies. I’ve been dying to try these ever since I heard about them coming out. I will have a review up after I test them out some more. I got the shades Cashmere and Midnight Sky. I’m so excited about these. I love eyeshadow singles. They make me feel so professional. 😉

 photo DSCN1436_zps57dea986.jpg

Here are the samples I got. I got the Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, Fekkai Glossing Shampoo (which is weird because I literally just finished up the sample I received in my last order), and the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer. Then, I received the Stila Stay All Day Volumizing Waterproof Mascara. It was a gift with purchase since I spent a certain amount of money.

So there you have it. What have you purchased lately?

Also, don’t forget that you can enter to win a Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow. Click here to find out how!

I bought everything myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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9 Responses to Collective Beauty Haul | January 2014

  1. My teeth whitening fix: I really noticed a difference after a few days and kept going. Spoon some baking soda into a dish and dunk your toothbrush in it and then brush. Do that morning & night. You can also grab a bottle of the Arm & Hammer whitening gel(I think it’s mostly peroxide that does it in that one) so you could prob make your own but I like having it in the tube b/c it’s easy to apply. Anyway you add a squeeze to any fluoride toothpaste on your brush.
    Sorry that was so long!!
    Have you heard of Hello brand tooth products? I really like them! They make mouth wash, tooth paste in pink grapefruit, cinnamon and sweet mint. I love the pink grapefruit. Fun to try if you see it. I got mine at Walgreens.

    I don’t have any newly purchased products but I do have a bunch of unopened products I’m about to use and tons of samples. Maybe I’ll update you or do a post about it=)

    • Sara says:

      I will have to try that baking soda trick. 😀 It sounds easy enough.
      I haven’t heard of the Hello brand. I would LOVE pink grapefruit teeth products!!!! I’ll keep my eyes open
      Yes, please do! I’d love to hear about your unopened items! 😀

  2. Stephanie says:

    OMW!! I love B&BWs Pink Chiffon. I could sniff that stuff all day 🙂

  3. I’ve noticed you seem to be interested in scented body butters and body scrubs, and I wonder if you’ve checked out the Sonia Kashuk line at Target?
    – Michelle

    • Sara says:

      No, I didn’t even know she did body stuff! I was just there on Saturday, too. Gah. Next time I go, I’ll definitely have to have a look.

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