Ins & Outs | January 22, 2014

Hey guys, I just want to chat today. I haven’t done an Ins & Outs for a long time, so I figured I would write one today. πŸ™‚

1. McVities Digestives
THEY HAVE DIGESTIVES IN THE US! They are expensive, especially considering I would buy them on sale at Sainsbury’s for 1 GBP! They are around $4.00 here, which is a pretty significant markup. But, I’m willing to pay for them. Guys. I’m not even kidding, you need to go try some. Check the cookie row in your supermarket. In Walmart, that is where I found them. However, when I looked in a local supermarket chain, I found them in the row with the pasta (?). They had a little part of the aisle dedicated to international “food” like canned Spotted Dick (it’s a British dessert that I didn’t try…. too scared :P), Irish Breakfast Tea, and Heinz Tomato Soup (in the British packaging).

2.Caribou Coffee
I love the Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend K-Cups for my Keurig. This is some of the best coffee I have had. It is kind of expensive, but I got a pack on sale for a little more than five dollars. Color me happy!

3. The Housing Department at my University
I’ve been majorly stressing about something with my housing contract for the spring semester, but thankfully, the Housing Department got back to me yesterday and all of my questions were answered and then some. They are fantastic people, and I just want to hug them.

4. Not having to buy certain books
I already owned a few books for this semester, and it made me so happy to NOT buy them. Books are so darn expensive, and I was able to get them from home instead of buying another copy.

5. Cheap Amazon books + Amazon Student
Amazon Student is a lifesaver. You don’t have to worry about shipping whatsoever. For six months, I get free 2-day shipping on anything sold by Amazon. It’s so wonderful. I was able to grab a few books from Amazon because they were cheaper than my bookstore, and I didn’t have to pay for shipping! So happy about that. If you are student, you can apply for this on Amazon’s website. πŸ™‚

6. Downton Abbey
I’ve been addicted to it. I got Seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas, and I just ordered Season 3. I really like Matthew Crawley, and I really liked William too. They are both so sweet. I don’t like Mary at all; she annoys me to no end. Sybil is my favorite of the girls. Oh, and I really like Branson. How could I forget him? Swoon.

1. The Cold!
It’s so cold and snowy today. I don’t like ittttttttttttt.

2. Student Bills
Tuition is due soon….. 😦

That’s really it. I don’t have too many complaints. I’d say that I’m in a pretty good mood, in general. I like that! πŸ™‚

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