Stila In the Light Palette Review

Hello everyone! Happy December! I can’t believe that it is December. I’m going to be home in the States so soon! Crazy to think about!

Today I’m gonna be talking about my Stila In the Light Palette! I have been using and loving this thing since before I left for England!

 photo DSCN0839_zpsbf044c91.jpg

I purchased this palette from Birchbox’s website. You can read all about the haul here: click me!

 photo DSCN0840_zps633efa13.jpg

The colors in this palette are truly beautiful. Everything is really natural (with the exception of night sky). There is a good balance of matte and shimmers as well as a good balance of light and dark. I’ve been using these colors exclusively for the past few months, and I think I can give you a good description of each color.

Also, please excuse the gouges in the shadows in the above photo. I dripped face mask on them and had to dig it out before it ruined my shadows. πŸ™‚

 photo DSCN0375_zps0828c5d8.jpg

In general, all of these shades are quite buttery and smooth to the touch. Below I have listed descriptions of each of the ten colors.

Bare: This is a matte. off-white shade that is perfect for blending. It is pretty strongly pigmented, even though it is hard to see in this photo (it’s because I’m so pale). It works really well for a browbone highlight or for a lid shade if doing an all matte look.
Kitten: There is no doubting why so many people love this shade. This beautiful, shimmery, slightly pinky nude color is absolutely gorgeous. It is really pigmented and packs a punch with the amount of shimmer it gives off. You won’t get a subtle look with this shade which is why I love it.
Bliss: This is a light matte brown shade. I really like to use this to help blend out colors I use in my crease. I must say that the pigmentation on this particular shade is not as good as some of the other colors. It takes a lot more building to achieve the color as it is in the pan. However, I still think that it is a useful shade.
Sunset: I love this reddish medium brown. This color is also quite shimmery, and it is really pretty when paired with Bubbly. It is definitely warm-toned and is perfect for fall.
Sandstone: This medium-dark brown matte shade is really pretty for defining the outer V of the eye. I also quite like mixing this color with bliss to achieve the perfect crease color when wearing an all matte look. It is dark but not so dark that it appears black.
Bubbly: This gold is easily my favorite shade in the palette. It is equally as shimmery as Kitten, but definitely gold. It isn’t too yellow, however. I find that it looks incredibly pretty on my skin tone and eye color. I have hazel/green eyes, and I feel that Bubbly really brings out the green. Plus, who doesn’t love shimmer?
Gilded Gold: Consequently, this shade is probably my least favorite in the palette. It feels significantly drier in the pan, and it takes a lot to build it up. The shade itself is a slightly warm-toned brown with gold shimmer in it. The shimmer does not really transfer onto the eye, but the finish does have a sheen. Perhaps it would be best described as a satin finish.
Luster: Luster is also a shade that is a bit drier than many (but not nearly as dry as Gilded Gold) and requires a built more building up (again not as bad as Gilded Gold). The color is a grey-brown with a little bit of gold shimmer. Like Gilded Gold, the shimmer doesn’t really transfer onto the eye, and you are left with a bit more of a satin finish. I don’t really wear this shade very much.
Night Sky: I love this shadow. A gunmetal shade of blue, Night Sky looks beautiful in the crease. I find that it doesn’t come across as blue at all when used in the crease and outer corner. It takes on more of a grey-tone. The shimmer in this is definitely detectable, and it looks really pretty. This is also one of the most pigmented shades.
Ebony: Wrapping up the palette is this matte black. I don’t really use matte blacks very often, but this is a pretty nice shade. I wish that it was a bit stronger pigmentation-wise, but I really can’t complain. You can get a deep, dark black if you layer it up/concentrate in one area.

This palette also came with an eyeliner, which I’ll review in a future post.

I hope that that gives you a good overview of the palette. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be sure to answer them.

Also, let me know what your favorite neutral palettes are!

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. I am not getting paid for this post.

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6 Responses to Stila In the Light Palette Review

  1. I’ve always had my eye on this palette, but in all honesty the only shadow I really want from it is Kitten, so I’ve never made the plunge and bought this. However it is a beautiful neutral palette!

  2. There’s about a million neutral palettes I have my eye on. This one just made the list! lol πŸ™‚
    – Michelle

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