Dry Shampoo Comparison Review: KMS Hair Play vs. Batiste

Today’s post is about dry shampoo. Before getting to England, I had never used a dry shampoo. However, if you read my Boots Haul, then you’ll know that I wanted to try the Batiste. Then, I received the KMS Hair Play in my October Birchbox UK. I am a total dry shampoo convert, and I absolutely love these two brands, so I wanted to do a comparison post.

 photo DSCN0828_zps9d262fd2.jpg

First of all, let me tell you the perks of dry shampoo. When walking around London (or any other city, but big cities in particular), your hair can get quite greasy or “wet” looking very quickly. The exhaust from the cars and buses plus general city pollution can make your hair quite dirty, and that isn’t a good look for anyone. If you put some dry shampoo in your roots and brush it through your hair, it will definitely help. Dry shampoo is also great for adding volume. I have found that my hair has really benefited from having some dry shampoo sprayed into the roots right after I straighten it. It gives my hair a nice amount of volume without being over-the-top. It is also perfect for bangs/fringe. I have had a T-Swift style fringe for a little more than a year (except this summer when I just let it grow), and I always struggle with cowlicks and greasiness in the morning. Some dry shampoo at the root of the bangs corrects these imperfections quite well. Just don’t forget to brush it out. Also, if you don’t wash your hair every day (I do so I don’t know this from experience), it helps take away excess oil, making your hair look like it was washed… even though it wasn’t.

Okay, now onto the specifics. I find that both the Batiste and KMS products are great. I love both of them to pieces. I find that the Batiste is a little bit lighter in terms of dry shampooing. It is good for applying in the morning, since it isn’t as strong. It doesn’t give off as much of a white cast as the KMS does (although both brush out completely… though I do have light brown hair). Also, a plus from the Batiste is that there are a million different scents. Actually more like seven, but still. I really love Blush, and I don’t care for Wild as much, but it still smells good. I love the smell of KMS as well. It takes me back to the green room at my high school (it smells just like the styling products we would use). I find that this stuff is perfect for days when my hair just looks dull and dirty. I tend to use this towards late afternoon/evening, but I’m not opposed to using it in the morning. It definitely is a stronger dry shampoo.

I hope that gives you a sense of both of these products. They are both available in the US (yay!), so let me know if you have used them and what you think. Also, feel free to ask any questions!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a safe Thanksgiving. Eat extra turkey for me!!

I purchased everything myself. I’m not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

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