The Sweater Weather Tag

Ugh. Guys. I have been so busy lately. But never fear, I should be back on a regular schedule now. These past few weeks have been crazy, and now I’m starting to prepare for going back to the States. I gotta admit that I’m a little sad, and I don’t want to leave yet. Of course, I am looking forward to seeing my family. But I’ll miss England. ❤

Anyway, today I’m going to be doing the Sweater Weather Tag seen on YouTube. I’m using the missglamorazzi version.

1. Favorite candle scent?
Okay, I’m going to change this to “favorite home scent” because I can’t have candles at University. I haven’t been able to smell the fragrances for this year at Bath and Body Works, but I know that I absolutely love Spiced Apple Toddy. My mom actually picked one up for me recently. She is too nice to me. 😀 I also really love Leaves!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Oh man, I live for coffee. I’ve recently been getting this instant coffee from Tesco. It’s like 50 GBP, and it is gross. But I can’t justify getting Starbucks every day… that would be excessive.
I must say that I do appreciate a good cup of tea. I really love the brand Twinings. I’m not sure if you can get it in the States, but they make good fruity teas. Strawberry & Raspberry is my favorite!

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?
This is actually really hard. It would probably be trick-or-treating. Halloween was (and maybe still is?) my favorite holiday, and I used to love going trick-or-treating. My mom would make our costumes. One year, I was a computer! Hahahaha! It was pretty epic. I wish I had a picture.

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
I think that I prefer winged eyeliner. I have kind of thin lips, so I can’t go too dark with my lipstick or my lips look non-existant. Hahaha 😀

5. Best fragrance for fall? photo IMG_2718_zps51b1f754.jpg

Oh that is easy. Amber Blush from Bath and Body Works! You can read my full review here!

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
I’m gonna for the classic: turkey!

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
I must be having an identity crisis or something, because I came up with three places to list.
1. England: The weather in September and October was pretty pleasant, actually. Not too windy or cold. Those two months were probably colder than home, but it wasn’t intolerable at all. Now that we are in November, it has gotten a bit colder, and the wind is a major pain in the butt. It is quite strong and very cold. We haven’t had any snow yet, which is good. There has been plenty of rain but not as much as I expected.
2. Home: I live in the northeast, so fall is always cold. Usually we start getting snow at the end of October, but not too much: maybe a couple of inches. Days in autumn tend to vary a lot. It can be sixty one day and then down to the thirties/forties a few days later. It is very temperamental.
3. University: I go to college in the northeast, too, but in a different state. We definitely don’t get as much snow where I go to school, but it is still cold and temperamental.

8. Most worn sweater?

 photo IMG_2553_zpsbf412280.jpg

This sweater was in my fall fashion haul from before I left for England. However, I’ve worn this sweater like crazy. I wear at least once a week (don’t judge me… I didn’t bring that many tops with me). I absolutely love the slouchiness, and the gold studs on the shoulders give it just enough glam. 😀 I love this sweater!

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?

 photo IMG_2437_zps499ccea0.jpg

You guys are probably sick and tired of me mentioning this polish: Julep Angela. But seriously, I cannot stop wearing it. It is one of four that I brought with me to England, but I feel like I could have survived with just this one. It was a great transitional color into fall since it is still bright, but it has just been working for fall, too since it is dark. It’s a very unique color, and I love it! I don’t what I’m going to do when this runs out. I think I might actually finish this polish! :O Click here for the full review!

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Football games, baby. #HereWeGo Anyone? Anyone?

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Let me just say this: leggings are NOT pants. I will admit that I am wearing leggings right now, but that is because I spent the entire day inside (again… don’t judge me :D). Leggings are only acceptable as clothing if you are on an airplane or lounging around all day.

12. Combat boots or Uggs?

 photo IMG_2556_zpse5e7925b.jpg

These are also from my fall fashion haul. I wear these almost every day. For being only $30, they have held up amazingly well. I absolutely love these combat boots and wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are amazing comfortable, and I love the laid-back vibe they give to my outfits.

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
I think so. It is the first hot drink I ever ordered from Starbucks, I believe. And now I’m a Starbucks Gold Member. 😀

14. Favorite fall TV show?
The sad thing is this: I can’t get American television here in the UK, and I don’t have a TV to watch British television. So, I have no idea what is good this year. I am hoping that Once Upon a Time is going well. I love that show, but I haven’t heard anyone talking about it, so I don’t know if it is any good this season or not.

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
I don’t really have one, but I have been listening to two songs a lot recently. The first is “Popular Song” by MIKA and Ariana Grande. I really like this song a lot. The second one… I’m ashamed to admit this. I never thought I would be one of *those* people… but it is “Story of my Life” by One Direction. I know, I know. Who am I? I don’t know. Hahahahaha. But really, there is nothing wrong with liking One Direction, but I was never really into them until now.

So there you go: the Sweater Weather Tag. I am not going to tag anyone specifically, but I think that everyone should do this! If you do end up doing it, let me know so that I can check it out!

Happy fall!

All photos are taken from other blog posts. No affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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2 Responses to The Sweater Weather Tag

  1. Susan says:

    Not even halfway through the post but I have to tell you that you CAN buy Twinings in the US, so you can look forward to that piece of England when you get home.
    Some stores display it right in their regular tea section and some down the international aisle.

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