September 2013 Birchbox UK + Photos

Did you know that Birchbox operates in the UK as well the US? They do! It is a little more expensive than in the states at 10 GBP a box plus 2.95 GBP shipping. I think it is reasonable seeing as you get more/bigger/different products than you would get in a US box. You get to review the products (same as US) and you only get 5 points per “survey.” Not a bad deal at all. So let’s take a look at what I got in my very first box.

 photo DSCN0246_zps7af42bfc.jpg

I was pretty impressed to see six products! I haven’t seen six in a very long time. Plus, there weren’t any foil packets. Unheard of! 🙂

 photo DSCN0247_zpsb2bad37f.jpg

Something else that made me very happy was the little drawstring bag that ame with the box. It doesn’t add a huge amount of value to the box, but it is a fairly nice quality bag. It might be useful for something, so I’m going to hang on to it. Plus, the accents are yellow (my favorite color)! 😀

 photo DSCN0252_zpsf4e0a75f.jpg

Okay, so the first thing that I got is the Moton Brown Ylang-Ylang Nourishing Body Lotion (please excuse the blurry picture. My camera legitimately hated this product hahaha). It is a pretty small sample, but there is definitely enough to figure out if I like it or not. I used this once already, and I kind of like the scent. I would never have purchased this myself as it is a bit grandma-y. There is something about it though that is very calming and relaxing. Perfect before bedtime! The value of this sample is 2.50 GBP!

 photo DSCN0249_zpsc5ee4a1c.jpg

Next is another body lotion-type product. It is the Aromatherapy Associates London Revive Body Gel. This is supposed to “even your body’s skin tone and maintain healthy circulation after a busy day,” according to the card that accompanied the box. Um…. yeah. This weirds me out. It seems a bit unhealthy to slather on a cream that is supposed to magically help circulation AND skin tone… I probably won’t use this, because I’m too scared of it. 🙂 The value of it is significant at 6.20 GBP!

 photo DSCN0254_zpsdb2e9e32.jpg

Next is the Reverence de Bastien (forgive the lack of accents :P) nail polish. Oh my gosh. This is quite an expensive product at 16.00 GBP, and yes, this is a full size! This is easily the most expensive nail polish I’ve ever owned, and I’m really excited by the color (Number 7). If I’m going to invest in expensive nail polishes, I want them to be neutral, classic colors, like this one. I’m very pleased with this. Plus, the value of this one product is more than I paid for the box!

 photo DSCN0250_zps5c21bbbf.jpg

I didn’t think it could be much better until I pulled out a Bioderma! To be honest, this is the reason I decided to subscribe. I really hoped that my box would include this sample, and I was thrilled when I saw that it did! I’ve been wanting to see what all the fuss was about, and I’m glad that I get to without having to purchase a big bottle! So far, I really like it, but I can’t give a full review just yet. This is the Sensibio H2O version, which is for sensitive skin. I can vouch for that part: my skin has not been irritated by this product at all! The value of the sample was sort of low at 0.80 GBP, but hey, I’m just happy to sample this product. 😛

 photo DSCN0258_zps074a264c.jpg

I got another ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick. I love the one that I got a few months back, and I’m so happy to have another, because I love the smell and the formula. This shade, Kitty, is a pinky-nude shade, and it seems like it will be quite wearable for me. I’m excited to try it out. This is valued at 5.17 GBP.

 photo DSCN0257_zps5ace65de.jpg

Lastly, the Lifestyle Extra. I really love that the UK version of Birchbox is still doing Lifestyle Extras. I feel like the “Beauty Extras” in the US boxes are just an excuse to put in a cheap sample (usually a foil packet of some sort). Chocolate, however, is perfect. This is the Green & Black’s White Chocolate bar. I tried this the other night, and it was gross. Yes, you read that correctly; I just described chocolate as gross. Ugh. I don’t know what was in this bar, but it did NOT taste like chocolate (well… the aftertaste did). I tried another bite, just to be sure, and I was right. I do not recommend this chocolate bar at all! I’m definitely disappointed, because I really love the chocolate over here (so much better than in the States). This was just not good. It didn’t add much value to the box (0.80 GBP), so I don’t feel bad about wasting it.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with the box. There is only one product that I won’t use (unless you count the chocolate bar… but at least I tried it!). The total value of the box ended up being 31.47 GBP. I’m incredibly pleased with the value of the box, and I’m really glad that I subscribed! 🙂

What do you think? If you live in the US, would you rather Birchbox upped their price so that we got samples of this quality/quantity or do you like it as it is? (I kind of like it how it is. I can justify $10 a month, but not more). If you live in the UK, is this what you got in your box? I’m not sure how the variations work over here.

I am not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own. I bought this box with my own money.

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  1. Do you live in America or the UK?

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