The Body Shop Rainforest Rainforest Moisture Conditioner Review

Hey guys! Time for a review! This is the only conditioner that I brought with me from home, and it ran out pretty fast. Good thing I went shopping! Anyway, let me tell you about The Body Shop’s Rainforest Moisture conditioner. I bought it specifically for this trip: check out my The Body Shop haul.

 photo DSCN0209_zpsf4142175.jpg

So, basically, I didn’t care for this. I found that the actual conditioner wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t moisturizing enough for my tastes, but it didn’t dry my hair out or anything like that. It was average. Something that I disliked about the conditioner was the scent. I figured that it would be quite a different scent for me, and it was. It wasn’t really something I enjoyed. It is quite herbal and heavy. I like my conditioners to be light and fruity. It sounds weird, but it makes me feel good. 🙂 This conditioner was not uplifting to me at all (not to hate on anyone who enjoys these types of scents… they just don’t appeal to me).

In sum, I don’t recommend this. It’s average in its formulation, and below average in its scent. Let me know if there are any conditioners you recommend from The Body Shop!

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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