Story Time: My Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season 4 Finale Reaction

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! If you aren’t caught up, I’ll be ruining some things.

Ashley getting let off
Thank goodness! I was so happy, and I’m so happy to see that her and Ted are still going strong. She looked amazing for her date with him.

Aria kissing Ezra
Girl, get over it. Of course Jake isn’t going to be into the same things as you… that’s life. People enjoy different things, and relationships are about compromise. Instead, she just seems to pout over the fact that she couldn’t go to the darn poetry reading where Ezra was going to be… Girl, figure out your life. I like Jake way more.

Cece as Red Coat
Except…. she’s not the only one. I didn’t think that Ali was dead; I’ve thought that for a while, and I’m right. She is probably the other Red Coat. I’m not surprised to see more than one. Also, when Aria dropped Cece from the catwalk or whatever that was: 1) why was she not holding Cece’s hand? and 2) Why wouldn’t you check to see if she was dead? She could have tried CPR or taken care of her or rescue breathing… plus it’s PLL… they aren’t dead until they’re buried and even then, they might not really be dead.

I know that this is more from last episode, but I’m including it because my mom was sure that it was Wren’s lair that they stumbled into. I’m so sad to see that he might not be as good as I thought. I’ve had a major crush on his cute British-ness since the start of the series. I think that he and Hanna make a good couple (that one kiss they shared was super adorable).

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to watch a show with reduced saturation. But I’m going to have to in order to get answers. It really does irritate me that they made this spinoff. I don’t want Caleb to leave Pretty Little Liars; I think he is good with Hanna. I don’t want to see them break up. Plus, I’m seriously tired of depressed Hanna, and if Caleb leaves, we’re going to get another season and a half of her sulking, sitting around crying, avoiding her mother, and staring at her phone. No thanks.

Ezra as A
Okay… I definitely thought that Ezra is uber sketchy. I didn’t really care for him in the beginning: he’s kind of controlling and has ridiculous mood swings. Also, it makes sense since Ezra is involved. The girls discovered that payroll thing, and he had that money that randomly appeared in season 2 or 3. And the way he was practically stalking Aria after they broke: seriously dude, let her move on. But here is my issue: why does he care about hurting the girls? He didn’t even know Aria before the beginning of the series. What connection could he possibly have to them? His family has issues, but they don’t seem connected to the girls. Second, the reveal was very Toby-esque circa mid-season 3 finale. I don’t think his intentions are as pure as Toby’s though. He always struck me as weird.
So.. what’s the deal? I’ll tell you my mom’s theory first: she thinks he knows where Ali is and is tracking her. Ezra was lead to the lair earlier and didn’t want the girls to know about it until he figured it out. Like I said, I don’t think that his intentions are that angelic. I think that he is involved with this A character, but obviously he isn’t A (think about when Aria got that text in Season 1 and he flipped out thinking that she was telling her friends). I think he is getting something out of being involved, but I don’t think it is necessarily linked to the girls… it’s the money that is still in my head. Whatever happened to that? Or am I just forgetting something? Also, I think he was following the girls. He does have stalker-like tendencies. I think he was angry that they found the lair… but I’m not completely sure why. I think it has to deal with the fact that they are going to find out that he has been up to no good this entire time. Or, I think he is mad that this person has a lair that he didn’t get to be a part of… But still. I don’t understand his motive.

Okay, so that wraps up the majority of my thoughts. I might come back and edit this in the coming week if I think of anything else. Please share your ideas/theories down below. Try to stay away from book spoilers if you can (just in case they are going to follow that storyline).

I’m not affiliated with this show; it’s just for fun.

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