Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit Review

I saw these on Youtube, and I decided that I would try them. I have eyebrows that grow like bad weeds. I’m not exaggerating, either. One time, I went to the salon to get my brows waxed, and I had to go back the next week, and the salon woman said in astonishment, “We just did this last week?” Yeah… they grow very fast. I also have very bushy eyebrows. I need to get a picture and show you. They were so thick and shapeless in middle school. I started getting them waxed in eighth grade, but I tried to keep up with them by plucking. But seriously, who wants to pluck every day? Not me. So, I decided a few weeks ago to try this out.

 photo IMG_2503_zps91f202b7.jpg

I got the kit for brows, face, and bikini. I’ve only waxed my brows with them. I have to say that I really like them. The box promises up to eight weeks of smooth skin… I get about one and a half. However, I would rather wax every week and half than pluck all the time. Ugh. I hate plucking. It has taken some time to get them to work effectively, but I found Amarixe’s video to be helpful (and they are where I saw the wax strips in the first place). I haven’t had any issues with pulling off too much hair or pulling off skin (thankfully!). They are really easy, since you don’t need the microwave. And, I don’t need any help. I tried this other wax when I was in high school and it was so difficult. My mom and I spent forever trying to figure it out. These are WAY easier. Watch the video, it is definitely helpful.

 photo IMG_2505_zps10dc451f.jpg

I will say that I dislike the oil very much. It isn’t that it is ineffective in removing the leftover wax; it’s that it makes my face an oily mess. When it says oil, it means oil. It doesn’t wash off easily either. I’ve tried using soap and water after using the oil, but I still feel like there is a bit of residue on my face. I don’t like that. I’m currently exploring other ways to remove any leftover wax that clings to my skin.

Overall, I highly recommend these strips. They are very easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and quite effective. I will probably be using these for a long time. Plus, I’ll never have to pay to have my brows waxed again!

How do you keep your brows tidy? I’m curious. Leave a comment below. šŸ™‚

I purchased these myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post. I’m not associated with amarixe at all; I just think that video is helpful. šŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit Review

  1. My brows are thick as well, but I like them that way. They do not grow back fast, but every last hair grows back again. I get about 2 months after I get them waxed professionally for shaping preference. I do the middle of my brows myself to make my brows last longer between waxing. I use the strips for that purpose. One box lasts a long time for me. To get them waxed where I live is 13 us d for really great brows from trusted people.

    • Sara says:

      That’s so great that you can own your brows! While they look weird on me, thick look fantastic on other people. šŸ™‚ I’m so jealous that yours don’t grow back as quickly as mine. That is a really good price for waxing, especially when you don’t need to get it done all that often. Thanks for commenting and for checking out my site. šŸ™‚

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