Bath & Body Works Coconut Water Chill Review

Seriously guys, I’ve been obsessed with this fragrance this week. I purchased this from Bath and Body Works pretty recently, so it should still be available.

 photo IMG_2510_zps18423b75.jpg

This scent is a perfect blend of coconut and other fruit (I can’t tell exactly what I’m smelling… but it smells kind of berry-like but there are definitely some other fruits in there). What I love even more is the lasting power. It lasts much longer than other fragrances from Bath and Body Works. I apply this before I leave for work and get whiffs of it throughout the day. It is a perfect summertime scent (but who am I kidding, I like to wear fruity fragrances all year long)! I think this is the best scent they released this summer. The only downside is that I only purchased the travel size version. I wish I would have picked up the full size fine fragrance mist. I guess I could always go back and get it. 😉

What have your favorite summertime fragrances been?

I purchased this myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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