Fall 2013 Fashion Haul

Hello everyone! As promised, I have a fashion haul to share with you. I purchased everything myself except the first two sweaters. Those were kindly purchased by my parents! There is a good amount of stuff, but I haven’t done much clothing shopping this summer, so I thought that I deserved it. 🙂 Please forgive the quality of the photos. I couldn’t get any natural sunlight in my room AND my walls are yellow, so it makes photographing things quite difficult.

Let’s start with one of my favorite stores, JCPenney!! Seriously, I love that store and have been shopping there for years!

 photo IMG_2555_zpsb52dc8e1.jpg

This is one of the sweaters that my parents picked out and purchased for me. It is by the brand Rewind and was on sale for about $20. I got a size medium. It is a slouchy fit, but it isn’t long; it hits right at the hip. I really love the cream colored lace panel, and the pocket. Plus, heather grey is probably my favorite color for clothing. 🙂
You can purchase this here: link!

 photo IMG_2553_zpsbf412280.jpg

This sweater is equally wide (read: slouchy) as the one I just showed, but it is a bit longer. It isn’t long enough to wear with leggings (if you are one of those people who wear leggings as pants (PS leggings are NOT pants! :D)), though. I love the gold studs on the shoulders, and the wide neckline adds to the very casual feel. Plus, hunter green is everywhere this season. It was around $17, and I got a size medium. The brand is Dolled Up by Fang.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this online.

 photo IMG_2533_zps4b7ebcde.jpg

Eep! I love this shirt. I bought an XL size so that it would be really big. I know what you are thinking: “How old are you again?” 🙂 Well, who says a 20 year old can’t love Disney? Hahaha. But actually, I probably won’t wear this out (except in the one outfit I have at the end of this post). It seems like it would be the perfect sleep shirt. It was $12.95, and I couldn’t leave it behind. I just couldn’t. It is Disney brand.
Again, I couldn’t find a link to this online.

 photo IMG_2530_zps2d9d965a.jpg

Here is something a bit more age-appropriate. This dress is by the brand called Love Reign. It is GORGEOUS! The top is a fitted black lace with cap sleeves. Usually I stay away from cap sleeves because I have pretty broad shoulders (swimmer here! :D), but this is quite flattering. The lace is opaque everywhere except for the sleeves. The skirt is a really pretty cream and black (looks grey) sheer chevron pattern. There is a cream lining under it, so it isn’t see through at all, which is good. Here is a closer look at the top.

 photo IMG_2531_zps9ff26042.jpg

It looks really cute with opaque black tights, and I can’t wait to wear it! It was about $25. 🙂 I tried on a size small, and it fit pretty well, but I purchased a medium because it was a little bit longer.
You can purchase this here: link!

 photo IMG_2535_zps688e0556.jpg

Here is a blazer I picked up. It was around $25 and is by the brand Stoosh. I love blazers, and this is the perfect black one. It is a really nice fabric: not too heavy, not too thin. It is fitted, but not skin tight. The only thing I don’t like is the square pyramid button. I am thinking about removing it and putting a plain, round, black button in its place. I dunno. What do you think?
I purchased a size medium.
When looking online, I saw it also comes in purple. I’m tempted to purchase that one as well. 🙂
You can purchase this here: link!

So that is it for the JCPenney stuff. Next is The Limited. If you don’t know, The Limited is a pretty fancy store. They sell really nice work pieces, and I love how classy their look is. However, I did not like the blonde (insert b-word here) that were working in the store. They kind of made me feel like Julia Roberts’s character in Pretty Woman (except for the fact that I’m not a prostitute). I had short shorts and a tank top on, which is very casual especially for that store. However, I don’t think that that means I shouldn’t be treated the same as the other customers. Excuse me. Not everyone wants to be dressed to the nines to go shopping. They didn’t say anything specific, but it was their attitudes. I was tempted to just leave, but I thought that it would just mean that they won. So instead, I bought this sweater that I really like.

 photo IMG_2540_zpseb06699f.jpg

It is a pretty red color with super cute gold zippers around the neckline. It was on sale for about $20, and I really like it. It has a bit of an edge to it (thanks to the zippers) while still looking classy. It isn’t from the store’s brand but from OutbackRed. I’m excited to wear this for the fall. I love bright red clothing!
You can purchase this here: link!

I went to another classy store called New York & Company, and my experience was a million times better. They also sell really classy work stuff, but I didn’t feel like I didn’t belong. There were plenty of other women shopping in their casual clothes, and the employees were super sweet. They were having a sale on pants (buy one, get one free), but I didn’t have a need for any dress pants, and I prefer getting jeans from American Eagle. However, if you are tall like me, you’ll be interested in the pants. They have a lot of cute styles of pants (dressy and jeans) in tall sizes, which are hard to find. Typically you can only get black and khaki in tall sizes. I have dress pants from them and they are really nice quality. I highly recommend them. But anyway, I didn’t buy pants. 😛 Let me show you what I did get.

 photo IMG_2543_zps07ca76df.jpg

This is a plain white shirt with elastic around the waistline (on the seams) and on the sleeves. It is just plain, but as my mom says: “You can never have too many white shirts.” This is true. White shirts always end up stained, and it is hard to keep them pristine. It was on sale for $7.95, and I got a size medium.
I couldn’t find this online.

 photo IMG_2545_zpsbba7e411.jpg

I love scarves, and the scarves were $12.95! Woo! This is a white infinity scarf with some reddish berry-ish polka dots. I absolutely LOVE it! It is nice and full, and it is super soft.
You can purchase this here: link!

 photo IMG_2549_zpsa96485c6.jpg

I also got a scarf in grey with white stripes. I couldn’t resist. They were on sale! 🙂
You can purchase this here: link!

Then, I went to the shoe store, because I have been lusting after these shoes for weeks!

 photo IMG_2556_zpse5e7925b.jpg

They are brown combat boots from the brand I.D. Required. I had to get a size 7.5 (I usually wear an 8). I really like these, and I’m so glad I got them. They were on sale for $30. Yay, sales!

So yeah, that is everything I got over the weekend. Here is an outfit that I think would be super cute (well… I left out jeans. But just imagine some black or dark wash skinny jeans.).

 photo IMG_2551_zpsd17d2a00.jpg

So what do you think? What have you purchased recently?

Everything was purchased by me or my parents. No affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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