Conditioner as Shaving Cream?!

I’ve heard this a few times and I recently tried it out and I wanted to share my thoughts. I compared conditioner with no shaving cream at all (just running water in the shower). I didn’t have a shaving cream to compare to.

1. In the shower
Your leg will definitely feel smoother immediately after shaving! I noticed that the conditioner built up on my razor pretty quickly so I had to rinse it off more often, but I liked the way it made my legs feel; it was like using a brand new razor.

2. Right after the shower
No real difference detected.

3. The next day
No difference. Shave wasn’t any closer than without using the conditioner.

Overall thoughts
I really didn’t notice much of difference between using conditioner as shaving cream and using no shaving cream except in the shower itself. It seems to be a waste to use conditioner as a shaving cream if the long term effects are the same as forgoing that step. That bring said, I might do it as a special treat. 🙂

What I really need to do is go buy a new shaving cream!! 😀

Have you ever done this? What are your thoughts/tips?

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