July 2013 Birchbox (with photos)

Sorry for another Birchbox post, but my box arrived yesterday, and I thought I would share it. Overall, I am a bit disappointed, but it is not as bad as last month.

 photo IMG_2286_zps40c71747.jpg

There is a little preview of the contents of my box. The theme this month is Power Play, and Birchbox teamed with the television show “Suits” which airs on USA. I got five samples this month, which is typical for a Birchbox.

 photo IMG_2291_zps4da84d95.jpg

Let’s start with the nail polish. This is London Calling from the Color Club + Birchbox Wanderlust Collection. Does that sound familiar? Yeah, that’s because I got a sample from this collection last month. It was Reign in Spain, and you can see my review of it here. As long as I can review it again, I’m going to try not to complain (I want those points :P) After all, I do love nail polish. It isn’t the prettiest color ever, but I’ll definitely give it a try. The value of this sample is $2.00.

 photo IMG_2290_zpse8fb467f.jpg

Next is this Dr. Jart + Ceramidin Cream. Frankly, I had no idea what that was. I looked on the Birchbox site and apparently ceramides are lacking in “severely dry skin”…. This is supposed to moisturize while solving other skin issues. Check out the site (linked two sentences ago :D) to find out everything that they say about it. I’ve spoken about my skin before, and it is not severely dry. I’m actually a bit nervous to use this. I don’t need that much moisture. The moisturizer that I’m using now is a little bit too moisturizing and this sounds like WAY more moisturizing than that. Overall, I’m disappointed in this sample as it doesn’t really suit my skin type. Unfortunately, it is the second-most valuable sample, coming in at $7.68. This value is actually an estimate, because there was no size indication on the tube.

 photo IMG_2289_zps1ae68633.jpg

Next is Caudalie’s Divine Legs. I’m not impressed with this. It’s barely enough to use on one leg, let alone both, especially because I’m tall (it’s only .16ounces/5mL). When I was showing my mom what I got in my box, she saw this and said “that might be enough to cover one knee!” Hahaha. I love my momma. 🙂 Anyway, I don’t self tan. I never have and probably never will. I just catch the solar rays that seep through my sunscreen (which isn’t actually that much). The value of this sample is $1.79.

 photo IMG_2287_zpsd04c2432.jpg

Next are these bobby pins that are a Birchbox exclusive. This is the “Beauty Extra” of the month. You can buy three sets of two (six total bobby pins) for $5.00 in the Birchbox shop, which isn’t that much, so I don’t know why they just didn’t send a full pack of them.

 photo IMG_2288_zps7f4d7cdc.jpg

I was pretty bitter about getting them until they arrived. I did not think they would be cute or useful. They are much cuter in person than online. They are also quite sturdy. I am a bit worried about putting them in my hair, though. When I removed them from the cardboard in order to take the above picture, I had to pull pretty hard. I don’t really want to be pulling on my hair that hard. I’ll try them out anyway. Hopefully, they will behave differently in my hair. The value of this sample is $1.67.

 photo IMG_2292_zps14709e34.jpg

This is obviously the best product of the box. This is a ModelCo Party Proof Matte Lipstick in the color Peony. This smells so good, just like the lipgloss that I received last year. That lipgloss just so happens to be my favorite lipgloss ever! The lipstick seems to be quite creamy. It was very easy to apply to my hand. I haven’t tested it out on my lips yet. If this is the full size, it is worth $8.00! This is an amazing sample and is why I’m not too disappointed in the box. I’m so happy to try more stuff from this brand, especially since it is from Australia (if I’m not mistaken).

Overall value of the box: $21.14! Much better than the value of last month’s box. However, I’m not totally impressed. Next month is a make it or break it month. I am going to be out of the country for study abroad after that, but if next month’s box is good, I’ll let the rest of this year’s boxes collect at my parents’ house until I get back. Hopefully next month is better than this one, because I want to keep getting boxes.

What did you get in your box? Would you be happy with this? Was there one item you REALLY wanted to try? (Mine was the Benefit eye cream.) If you want to sign up, click here! That is my referral link. 🙂

No affiliate links. Just my referral link, a link to the website (no commission), and other blog posts. I’m not getting paid for this post nor am I affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. All opinions are my own.

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