Melvita Eau Florale de Rose (Rose Floral Water) Review

Bonjour! Don’t worry; I’m not going to do the review in French. 😛 However, this is a French product that I received in my Birchbox last summer. It is a rose floral water that is supposed to be a toner, according to its page on Birchbox’s website.

 photo IMG_2029_zps76196b9c.jpg

I haven’t used this in over a year. Why? I didn’t really have a good use for it. I decided to throw in my pool bag this year. I have actually used it (duh. That’s why I am doing a review :P). I tend to spray it before my shift starts, especially if I’m out by the pool a little early. I really enjoy it. It feels very refreshing and the scent is relaxing (and we all know that I need to try to relax before dealing with a bunch of kids who like to disobey the rules :P). However, I don’t really notice it doing anything. I think that if I got some water from the pool and put it in this little bottle, it would feel equally refreshing (without the relaxing scent, of course). I don’t really notice anything happening to my skin. It’s pretty much the same.

All in all, it’s a very luxurious product, and it is certainly very nice to have. It makes me feel glitzy and would probably be a good gift for someone you don’t know very well. However, I won’t be purchasing the full size, because I don’t think it does anything for my skin.

Have you ever tried these sprays? What do you like about them?

All opinions are my own. No affiliate links. I paid for Birchbox myself.

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