Bath and Body Works Wild Berry Tulips Fine Fragrance Mist Review

Today I’m going to talk about a fragrance from Bath and Body Works. It IS on sale for the semi-annual sale, so if you want to get it, get it now while it is on sale.

 photo IMG_2038_zps83c74703.jpg

If you remember my top fragrances post, you’ll remember that I described this as “summer scent but so lovely.” Really specific, huh? 🙂 Basically, that is the main principle. It is a really interesting take on the mix of fruit and floral. The floral notes are subtle and lurking in the background of the fragrance. They work to enhance the stronger berry notes. Now, don’t be fooled: the berries do NOT smell artificial. There also seems to be a bit of citrus that cuts through the fragrance, keeping it from being one of those scents that give people headaches. It really is lovely, and one of my favorite scents ever.

Check out the Bath and Body Works website for the actual notes! 🙂

What is your favorite BBW scent?

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