Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer Review

Today I’m reviewing a moisturizer. You know, I’ve talked my skin which is combination. So, be aware that this review is based around my skin type.

 photo IMG_2032_zpsa4e5ebdb.jpg

Anyway, I bought this a few months ago when I ran out of my Garnier one. At first, I didn’t like having it in a bottle. It is much easier to get product out of a jar. However, I do realize that this has its benefits: it is more sanitary, there is less of a chance of the product going bad, and it weighs much less. I keep it stored upside down, so it ends up being just as easy as a jar cream.

As far as formula goes, I don’t really care for it. It is too moisturizing for my oily areas. It makes me really oily, which is not cute. 😛 Whenever I get dry patches, I don’t really notice it doing anything. Sure, it provides temporary relief, but it doesn’t help those stubborn patches that won’t go away. I had a very dry patch under my left eye for a pretty long time. I found that this did not help at all in the long term.

Smell: there really isn’t one, which is good. It also didn’t break me out, which is a huge plus. Any product that keeps my skin care is good.

Overall, I’d say it is mediocre… 3/5. The formula is just not what I am looking for. However, like I stated at the beginning of the post, I do have combination skin, so it might be perfect for someone else.

I bought this myself. I’m not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own. No affiliate links.

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