Bath and Body Works Rio Glow Wallflower Review

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I hope you aren’t freezing like I am. Seriously… my office is 65 degrees!
 photo IMG_2053_zpsebf16aac.jpg

Anyway, today I’m talking about the Bath and Body Works Wallflower in Rio Glow. I purchased this a few weeks ago with a bunch of other goodies. 🙂 Anyway, I looked at the notes online and thought I might like it. According to the website, the notes are “tropical mango, papaya and guava,” which are generally things I enjoy in a fragrance. I plugged it in and the first thing I noticed was the weakness of the throw. I have a pretty small bedroom so I don’t think this is going to well in big spaces at all. I can smell it when I walk over to the outlet, and that’s about it.

As far as scent goes, I don’t love it. I’m glad that it is a little weak, because the notes interact in a way that would give me a headache if it were too strong (think New York New York The Big Apple Wallflower). It is pleasant, and I will continue to use it, but I won’t be purchasing it again.

If this interests you, be aware that it is NOT part of the semi-annual sale.

What are your favorite wallflowers?

I purchased this myself. I’m not being paid for this post. All opinions are my own. The link is not an affiliate link.

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