What is Combination Skin?

This is something I have been wanting to address for a while. Everywhere you look people are putting combination skin with oily skin. And, I have a problem with that, because combination skin is not skin that is only slightly oily.

Combination skin is a combination (get it) of oily AND dry skin. That means that parts of the face are oily and parts are dry. For me, these are extreme. I get very, very dry patches, and I get really oily patches. To top it off, they move around my face, meaning some days my cheekbones will be very oily and then randomly they will be so dry that they get patchy.

I guess I just wanted to address the fact that you do not have combination skin when you have skin that gets a little bit oily. I think a lot of products think that that is what combination skin is. I have to say that it is really difficult to find products that work for this type of skin (which is another reason I don’t wear foundation regularly).

What are your combination skin solutions? 🙂

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2 Responses to What is Combination Skin?

  1. I have combination skin too. Overall, my skin is oily, but my cheeks can get very dry. I use Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It’s not specifically for combination skin, but I think it works great. It’s oil-free, so it doesn’t create more oil and shininess on my face, and it really works to soften and hydrate my dry cheeks. Plus, it’s really light weight. Also, if your oily areas are still giving you trouble, Mary Kay makes an Oil Mattifier that really helps. You just put it on after your moisturizer dries a bit. Hope this was helpful!
    – Michelle

    • Sara says:

      Ooo. Those sound like good products. I’m always looking for a good moisturizer. I’m using one by Simple right now and it is WAY too heavy for my skin. I find tat a lot of companies don’t make effective products for combination skin, so we must stick together! Hahahaha. 🙂
      I’m going to go check out your website today… when I’m break at work. 🙂

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