NOTD: Spoiled by Wet n Wild Distant Memory

Hey guys! Get pumped! Today is the first weekday of June… which kicks off my wonderful new posting schedule: every weekday for the WHOLE summer! Woo!

Today’s post is a Nail of the Day. This polish (which I purchased with my own money) is a beautiful color… but also the most difficult to photograph. The top photo is what my camera took, and the bottom is color corrected to show (approximately) what the polish actually looks like. These were taken at the same time and in natural light… but shade. This is before I added the top coat.

 photo 2_zpse482e92c.jpg

 photo 1_zpsbf318fff.jpg

Anyway, this is Spoiled by Wet n Wild’s Distant Memory, a gorgeous neon blue-teal. This polish has a very subtle silver shimmer, which I assume is present in order to combat the matte finish of this polish. However, when you add a shiny top coat, the shimmer returns to being subtle and is really only visible in the sunlight. I needed two coats to get to this opaque finish. I found that dry time was good, and there were no major issues with the formula. As far as wear, it’s about average. There were chips that started after a few days, even with the top coat.

You can get these polishes at CVS. I am not aware of any other place to get these polishes.

What do you think? What is your favorite neon nail for summer?

I purchased this polish myself. I’m not getting paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

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