Bath and Body Works Wild Apple Daffodil Fragrance Review

If you are a fan of Bath and Body Works, you know that they released this scent last year. Unfortunately, it became an online only fragrance when the collection re-released last year. If you want it, you should still be able to find it online.

 photo 1-IMG_1803_zps899e5942.jpg

Wild Apple Daffodil is sweet, fruity, and floral, a classic combination from BBW. Whenever I first got this scent last year, I thought it would be one that would give me a headache. It actually doesn’t!

Somebody asked me on my Youtube channel if I thought it smelled like Beautiful Day, the new fragrance. Whenever she pointed it out, I recognized the similarity but I think that Wild Apple Daffodil is fruitier. I find that Beautiful Day is more floral and fresh. But the key notes seem to be very, very similar. Apple takes more of a central stage with Wild Apple Daffodil.

I personally prefer this scent in lotion form, but will be using up this body mist as well. Let me know below what you think of this fragrance.

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