New Revlon Nail Polishes: Brilliant Strength HAUL

So… long time no see. No excuses. Side note, I’m working on a blog post about Django Unchained for my book review site. There are some things I need to say. Check it out if you get a change (click here).

Note that I have purchased these products with my own money.

Anyway, I was in CVS, just poking around, trying to avoid the guy I like after gasping upon seeing a bee on my shoulder (don’t worry, I went outside before frantically beating my arm with my wallet 😀 I’m serious). Just as I was leaving with nothing in my hand, I decided to check the “new makeup” shelf (yes, it’s just a shelf for the displays. I don’t know how other CVS stores are). I saw a basket full of Revlon polishes with white caps.

 photo 1-IMG_1820_zps43c46665.jpg

My CVS doesn’t even carry the Revlon Colorstay nail polishes, so I was so excited to see these. They are DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toulene free (yay!). They were $8.49, but I got one of them for $0.49 (I’ll tell you how at the end). I did pay for these with my own money and am not being compensated by Revlon whatsoever for this post. Here are the three I got:

 photo 1-IMG_1821_zps37108947.jpg  photo 1-IMG_1829_zps47ecce74.jpg  photo 1-IMG_1827_zps66330aec.jpg

The first one is 140 Magnetize. This is a silver polish with a greenish brownish tint. The tint is so subtle, but it is definitely noticeable and unique. The second is 090 Captivate and is a reddy orangey bronze. Again, another unique color. I have been so attracted to these bronzey shades for forever, so I’m glad I got to try one. Finally (the one I got for $0.49) is 040 Enamor. I am so pumped about this. I a praying that it will be opaque. It looks promising in the bottle. If you don’t know, I love the color of Essie Figi, but HATE the formula. While this isn’t as pastel, it is such a pretty color that it would be a good replacement (if it is opaque).

Now, how did I get this one for less than a dollar? Well, CVS is having a deal on Revlon this week. If you spend 15 dollars (give or take 2 dollars), you get $7.00 extrabucks. I then also got a dollar because of my “winter spending.” Therefore, when applied to the $8.49 nail polish, it became $0.49! Magic. If you want to take advantage of this go tonight or tomorrow because deals change on Sundays, I believe.

Have you ever seen these polishes before? What are your favorite colors? Are they worth $8.49 (which is quite high for a drugstore brand)?

I did purchase these myself and am not being compensated for this post.

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