Updated: Sears Customer Service Review

I debated writing this, but I think it is important to share information about a company’s customer service. I want to say this before we begin: I like Sears. I like their stuff, but my customer service experience was not good.

I’ll try to make this short and sweet. I ordered three items. The third item was only to push down the price (through a code); I didn’t really need/want it. Anyway, the two things I did want got cancelled and they were shipping the third. It took two calls to cancel the order, but I still got an email saying it shipped. I sent an email to customer service, and the response wasn’t bad. I responded asking if it would cost money to return it by mail. The email I got was so generic, like the person didn’t even read the previous conversation. I sent a response again, and theirs was once again generic and did not address any of the problems I brought up. It turns out I am going to have to pay to return this item (either through shipping or in bus fare & time), which is kind of irritating since I didn’t really want it. I wanted the first two. I’m just really aggravated that nobody was willing to help and that they didn’t read the emails.

If I had to recommend anything, I recommend buying in store and that is it. Make sure you have a physical item in your hand before you go, because something like this could happen to you and you’ll have to pay for something you don’t really want… sigh.

Anyway, where have you experienced bad customer service? Have you had good customer service experiences at Sears?

Update: Sears very kindly reached out to me after this was posted, apologizing for the poor customer service, which is something I greatly appreciate. They took the time to read this post and comment on the actual issues. So, it turns out that not all aspects of the customer service program is bad. 🙂 Thank you for reaching out to me, Sears.

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1 Response to Updated: Sears Customer Service Review

  1. searscares says:

    Dear Sara’s Beauty Blog,
    Please accept our sincere apologies for the difficulties you experienced with your online order. We certainly understand your frustration with not receiving the items that you really wanted and were shipped the one item you didn’t want. In addition, we are sorry that you received poor customer service. I know that it took time and effort to attempt to reach someone to help and we let you down. We would be more than happy to speak with you regarding your experience and offer the assistance of a dedicated case manager to help resolve this situation. At your convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Sara’s Beauty Blog), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com – Thanks, Susan R., Social Media Moderator, Sears Social Media Support

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