Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Body Butter Review

If you watch my videos, you know that I love this body butter and am trying to use it up so that I can move on to other lotions.

 photo 1-IMG_1518_zps993907b4.jpg

I absolutely love this body butter and wish that I could use it forever. Alas, I have many other lotions that need to be used. I think that the fact that I want to use it forever speaks to how much I love this stuff. It is incredibly moisturizing. It is thick and applies in a healthy layer to the skin. It can make you feel greasy to the touch, so I suggest using it at night after getting out of the shower. It has taken care of my dry skin wonderfully. Plus, this is my favorite BBW scent. It is sweet and floral at the same time. The packaging is also adorable. The only downfall is the price. To me, $15.00 on a lotion is quite a lot, but if you use a special deal from Bath and Body Works, you’ll find that it is a much more reasonable price (for example, the buy 3 get 3 free is a great time to stock up on your favorite products).

What’s your favorite moisturizer? PS- Sorry for the weird shadowing on the photo. The screen in my window always does that. :/

I know that I missed a few days of Bloguary, but I’ll be posting them all right now! 🙂

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