Beauty Tips for When You’re Sick

Being sick is awful, and with the flu being quite terrible this year, I thought I would share my beauty tips for when you are sick. My winter allergies have been quite bad, so I can relate. I’ve been quite congested.

An obvious disclaimer before I start. You should not go out in public if you are sick unless the doctor tells you you are okay! You don’t want to make everyone else sick. So, if you are allowed to go out but don’t feel 100%, here are some tips.

If you wear contacts, don’t. 
I know that not many people want to be seen in their glasses (I actually don’t mind). It is really nice to not have to be putting a contact on your irritated eye. I know that my eyes reject contacts if I’m not in tip top shape. Sometimes, it is just better to go with glasses. If you have terrible eyesight like me and have really thick glasses, don’t be afraid to slap on some mascara (only if you don’t have an eye infection). It’ll counteract the effect that glasses can have (in terms of making your eyes look smaller).

Wear a kick-butt lip color.
Whenever you have your glasses and minimal eye makeup on, wear an awesome lip color that makes you feel confident. How to apply: apply to a brush (wash it right afterward) or your clean finger. You don’t want to breathe on the lipgloss/lipstick because you’ll get sick again the next time you wear it. Nobody wants that.

Dress comfortably.
It’s time to pull out your baggiest sweater and your most comfortable jeans (or leggings, if you actually believe those are pants. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t. :D). Nobody is going to judge for walking around looking cozy, especially since that has been the trend recently. Oversize sweaters aren’t hard to come by, but if you don’t have one, pull out your big flannel shirt (or borrow your dad’s :D).

Scarf up.
Bam. How I Met Your Mother reference…kind of. Legendary. 😉
But actually, scarves are your best friend. When you are on the mend, you don’t want to get sick again, so grab a scarf and bundle up! If you live in a particularly cold area, add a hat. Plus, if you are getting over chest congestion, exposing even a small amount of your chest/neck to the bitter outdoors can feel terrible! Therefore: SCARF UP!

Ponytails are your best friend.
When you are getting over a flu or cold or are suffering with allergies, you can feel a little sluggish, especially when it comes to getting ready. So don’t worry about your hair. Throw it into a messy ponytail (it looks a bit classier than a bun). You don’t even have to brush your hair if you don’t want to. Confession: I do this even when I’m not feeling yucky. :P.

Go home early and get some sleep.
This is where I start sounding like a mom. But seriously. When you are sick or just getting over something, get home as early as you can and crawl into bed. Rest is normally your best friend. You don’t want to overexert yourself or expose yourself to the winter. You don’t want to get sick again, do you?

Those are my tips. I am not a doctor, so always make sure that a doctor says you can do these things. He/She may not want you to wear mascara or lipstick at all. When you are sick ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING MY ADVICE.

If you are feeling yucky, I hope you feel better. What are your beauty tips for whenever you feel sick?

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