Almay Intense I-Color Light Interplay Technology Mascara Review (Hazel Eyes)

I tried this new mascara recently. Actually I’ve been using it for quite a while. I got this in Hazel eyes; I think the shade is Black Emerald.


Whenever you look at the mascara, it definitely appears black, but whenever the product gets on the top of the bottle, it is clear that there is a green tint. The other day, my best friend asked me if I was actually wearing green mascara. It didn’t appear that way at first, so maybe these things separate and the colored pigment only starts showing itself towards the end of a bottle.

I do really like the consistency of this mascara. It is on the drier side, but not too dry. It is perfect for me. It just coats your lashes. It doesn’t give you a dramatic length or a dramatic fullness, but I still like it. I wear it on a regular basis as it is a good everyday mascara. I just need to darken my lashes. They are pretty full so I think that is why it works so well for me. If you have thinner or shorter lashes, you might not like this.


The wand of this thing is huge. The picture above is in comparison to my thumb! I really like that though. I can still get all of my lashes coated.

Overall, I recommend it, but be wary of the fact that it doesn’t dramatically lengthen or thicken and that it can appear a little bit green.

Side note: It is 4:30 and my room is SO dark. What the heck? I don’t like this. COME BACK SUMMER!

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. I’m not getting paid for this post.

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