Nail Tutorial: Loose Glitter

Hey guys! If you watch my videos on Youtube, you may have already seen this video. If not, that’s what this blog post is for. It’s a tutorial using loose glitter.

Here’s what you’ll need.
Loose Glitter (I’m using Julep’s orange and black glitters because that is what I have), Matching Nail Polish colors (Orange: NYC in a New York Color Minute in Spring Street; Black: NYC Black Lace Creme), Clear Topcoat (NYC Clear Nail Hardener), and two paper bowls.

Step 1:
Paint one hand orange and the other black.

Step 2:
After the nail is dried, put another coat of polish on your thumb and let it get tacky (maybe 30 seconds). Then, with the bowl underneath your finger, dumb a pile of orange glitter on your nail. You can pat it into place or just leave it alone. Then, shake the excess off into the bowl. Do this for your first two fingers as well.

Step 3:
On the ring and pinky finger, use black glitter, but be sure to use a different bowl underneath so that we can recycle the glitter later on.
Repeat on the other hand, but opposite: black glitter on your thumb, first finger, and middle finger; orange glitter on your ring finger and pinky. Of course, you can do this differently if you want.

Step 4:
Cover with a top coat. This will change the texture of the glitter, but it will make it last longer. If you want to keep the rough texture, skip this step.

Step 5:
Time to gather the glitter! Make a crease in your paper bowl and shake all of the glitter down to that crease. The crease will act as a funnel and you can shake the excess glitter back into the container.

That’s the tutorial. I think this would look great if you use your favorite sports team’s colors, but you can use it for whatever you would like!

What do you think?

I bought everything myself. I’m not getting paid for this video. The link is to my Youtube video. All opinions are my own.

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