Review: Yes to Tomatoes Acne Spot Stick

I bet you thought I only did nail polish reviews, huh? I wouldn’t blame you. But, I actually do product reviews, too!


So this is the Yes to Tomatoes Acne Spot Stick. I purchased this product when I was home over the summer and have used it whenever I have been at home since. The product comes in a really sleek package. The bottom is filled with the product and comes out via a roller ball. The formula is mostly organic (I forget the exact percentage) and the label warns that discoloration of the natural products may occur, though I haven’t noticed it.


This is what the roller ball looks like. It feels really nice on the skin, but doesn’t seem to distribute a lot of product. A lot of the time, I have trouble figuring out if it is actually depositing any product on my skin.

As far as quality, this doesn’t seem to work for me. It is a salicylic acid based acne treatment, and up until I had tried this, I used benzoyl peroxide. It seems to me that the benzoyl peroxide works better than the salicylic acid.

For $9.99, I don’t think that it is a bad product to try out, especially if salicylic acid based acne treatments work for you.

What is your holy grail acne product? Mine will be in a post soon.

I bought this product myself. I’m not being paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

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